Kentucky Route 307

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Kentucky Route 307

KY 307 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length28.616 mi[1] (46.053 km)
Major junctions
South end SR 43 / KY 129 in Fulton
Major intersections
North end US 62 east of Cunningham
CountryUnited States
CountiesFulton, Hickman, Carlisle
Highway system
KY 306 KY 308

Kentucky Route 307 (KY 307) is a 28.3-mile-long (45.5 km) state highway in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The highway connects mostly rural areas of Fulton, Hickman, and Carlisle counties with Fulton.

Route description

KY 307 northbound from KY 116 in Fulton

Fulton County

KY 307 begins at the Tennessee state line, at an intersection with KY 129 (State Line Highway) on the South Fulton, TennesseeFulton, Kentucky line, within Fulton County, where the roadway continues as Tennessee State Route 43 (Broadway). It travels to the north and curves to the northwest. Immediately, it intersects the eastern terminus of KY 116 (Lake Street). KY 307 turns right onto Lake Street, and travels to the northeast. It travels under a railroad bridge that carries railroad tracks of the Central Illinois Railroad (CIR). It turns left, to the northwest, and crosses over Harris Fork Creek. It curves to the north and has a very brief concurrency with U.S. Route 45 (US 45; Mayfield Road). After they split, KY 307 heads to the north-northeast, traveling along the northeastern edge of Fulton, curves to the north, and has an interchange with the Purchase Parkway [future Interstate 69 (I-69)]. The highway continues to the north and leaves the city and then enters Hickman County.[2]

Hickman County

KY 307 has an intersection with KY 94. At this intersection, it passes Enon Cemetery. The highway curves to the northwest, crosses over some CIR railroad tracks, and curves to the north. It intersects the northern terminus of KY 1698 (Johnson Road). It crosses over Cane Creek and then intersects KY 924 (Kirby Road). The highway crosses over Pond Branch and intersects KY 1529 (Moscow Water Valley Road). At this intersection, it passes Wesley Cemetery. It crosses over Bayou de Chien and Sand Creek. It then has a brief overlap with KY 944 and passes Clark Cemetery. Then, it enters Fulgham, where it intersects KY 58. It continues to the north and intersects the eastern terminus of KY 1708. In Nichols, the highway intersects both the eastern terminus of KY 123 and the northern terminus of KY 3061. After an intersection with the eastern terminus of KY 703, it begins to travel along the eastern edge of the Obion Creek Wildlife Management Area. It crosses over Obion Creek and then leaves the WMA. In Beulah, it intersects the western terminus of KY 1748. It then enters Carlisle County.[2][3]

Carlisle County

KY 307 curves to the north-northeast and crosses over Little Creek. It then curves back to the north and intersects KY 80. It then intersects the eastern terminus of KY 1173. The highway travels through Kirbyton and intersects the western terminus of KY 548. It then passes Kirbyton Cemetery and intersects KY 408. It intersects KY 121 and then crosses over Lick Creek. The highway intersects the western terminus of KY 849. It curves to the northwest and meets its northern terminus, an intersection with US 62.[3][4]

Major intersections

KentuckyTennessee line0.0000.000
SR 43 south – Jackson
Continuation into Tennessee
0.0200.032 KY 129 (State Line Street) – Dukedom, Murray

KY 116 west (Lake Street west) to US 51
KYTC signage for KY 307 begins here
KY 1718 north (4th Street)

US 45 south (Mayfield Road) to US 51 – South Fulton
Southern end of US 45 overlap
US 45 north (Mayfield Road) – Mayfield
Northern end of US 45 overlap

Future I-69 / Purchase Parkway to US 51 – Mayfield
Purchase Parkway exit 2
Hickman3.6405.858 KY 94
KY 1698 south (Johnson Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1698
4.3547.007 KY 924 (Kirby Road)
6.57910.588 KY 1529 (Moscow Water Valley Road)
KY 944 west
Southern end of KY 944 overlap
KY 944 east
Northern end of KY 944 overlap
Fulgham11.04317.772 KY 58
KY 1708 west
Eastern terminus of KY 1708

KY 123 west / KY 3061 south
Eastern terminus of KY 123; northern terminus of KY 3061
KY 703 west
Eastern terminus of KY 703
KY 1748 east
Western terminus of KY 1748
Carlisle21.20634.128 KY 80
KY 1173 west
Eastern terminus of KY 1173
KY 548 east
Western terminus of KY 548
24.95240.156 KY 408
26.01041.859 KY 121
KY 849 east
Western terminus of KY 849
28.61646.053 US 62 – Bardwell, PaducahNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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