Kentucky Route 107

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Kentucky Route 107

KY 107 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length56.907 mi[1] (91.583 km)
Major junctions
South endAngels Road and Artillery Road in Rural Christian County
Major intersections
US 68 Byp. (Eagle Way) south side of Hopkinsville

US 41 / US 68 / KY 80 in Hopkinsville
KY 189 in Fearsville

KY 181 in Clifty
North end US 431 in Lewisburg
CountryUnited States
CountiesChristian, Logan, Todd
Highway system
KY 106 KY 108

Kentucky Route 107 (KY 107) is a 56.907-mile-long (91.583 km) east–west state highway in west–central Kentucky. The western (southern) terminus of the route is an "end of state maintenance" terminus near the Fort Campbell military reservation south of Donaldson Creek near La Fayette, and its northern (eastern) terminus is at an intersection with U.S. Route 431 (US 431) in Lewisburg.

Route description

Christian County

KY 107's southern terminus is located just south of the Christian County community of LaFayette, near an entrance to the Fort Campbell Military Reservation, falling just short of the Tennessee state line. The highway starts its course as LaFayette Road from there until downtown Hopkinsville. The highway's first 10 miles (16 km) go through mainly rural areas of southern Christian County, with intersections at KY 117 at Herndon, and KY 345 at Beverly. At mile marker 10.8, KY 107 crosses over I-24 via an overpass. It enters the city of Hopkinsville after crossing the US 68 Bypass/US 68 Truck Route.

In downtown Hopkinsville, KY 107 joins the eastbound lanes of the actual alignment of US 41/US 68, KY 80, and (within downtown only) KY 109. It follows US 41/US 68 and KY 80/KY 109 until it reaches Campbell Street. KY 107 turns off on Campbell Street, and makes a right turn onto East 7th Street. It then goes over I-169 (the Edward T. Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway), and then makes a turn to the north-northeast at an intersection with KY 507 (Pilot Rock Road).

It leaves town after the junction with KY 1682, the Hopkinsville Bypass. KY 107 then goes through the communities of Fearsville, where it crosses KY 189.

Todd and Logan Counties

After exiting Fearsville, KY 107 enters the northern segment of Todd County near Kirkmansville where it meets KY 171. It then gets co-signed with KY 181 at Clifty. The co-signing of the two state routes lasts for two miles (3.2 km). KY 107 after separating from KY 181 is known as Todd-Deer Lick Road, and becomes known simply as Deer Lick Road upon entry into Logan County. The junction with KY 1293 at Deer Lick provides access to Lake Malone. KY 107 ends at Lewisburg, where it intersects with US 431 during that route's section that is co-signed with KY 106.


Until the Fort Campbell Military Reservation was established in 1942, KY 107's southern/western terminus was at the Tennessee state line in the southeastern-most corner of Trigg County. The southern terminus was truncated to the intersection with Angels Road when the military base was opened.[4][5]

KY 107's northern/eastern terminus was originally in Kirkmansville[6] until the mid 1940s, when it was extended to Clifty via a former alignment of KY 181 in that area. The roadway between Clifty and Lewisburg was undesignated until KY 107 was extended onto that road in the mid 1950s.

Major intersections

ChristianFort Campbell0.0000.000Artillery Road / Patton RoadSouthern (western) terminus
KY 287 north (Binns Mill Road)
Southern terminus of KY 287
Herndon8.24613.271 KY 117 (Gracey Herndon Road) – Gracey, Oak Grove
KY 345 south (Palmyra Road)
Southern end of KY 345 Concurrency
KY 345 north (Huffman Mill Road)
Northern end of KY 345 concurrency

US 68 Byp. (Eagle Way) to US 68 Truck (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) / I-169
17.16927.631 KY 380 (Country Club Lane)
KY 695 south (South Main St.)
KY 695 accessible on KY 107 SB only
KY 272 west (14th Street)
Eastern terminus of KY 272

US 41 north (9th Street) / US 68 west / KY 80 west / KY 109 north / KY 107 south – Cadiz, Dawson Springs, Madisonville, Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park
Western end of US 41/US 68/KY 80/KY109 concurrency
KY 2544 south (South Clay Street)
One-way street
KY 2544 north (South Liberty Street)
One-way street

US 68 east (9th Street) / KY 80 east / US 41 south / KY 109 south to I-169 – Elkton, Pembroke
Eastern end of US41/US 68/KY80/KY109 concurrency
Bridge over I-169 (former Pennyrile Parkway) and its Exit 9 SB off-ramp
Access is denied
KY 507 east (East 7th Street)
Western terminus of KY 507

KY 1682 west (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way/Eagle Way) to I-169
Southern end of KY 1682 concurrency
KY 1682 east (Antioch Church Road)
Northern end of KY 1682 concurrency
KY 189 north (North Greenville Road)
Western end of KY 189 concurrency
KY 189 south (Ovil Road)
Eastern end of KY 189 concurrency
KY 800 west (Coal Creek Road)
Eastern terminus of KY800
ToddKirkmansville34.95156.248 KY 171 (Allegre Road) – Greenville, Allegre
KY 181 south (Greenville Road) – Elkton
Western end of KY 181 concurrency
KY 890 north (Rabbit Ridge Road)
KY 181 north (Greenville Road) – Greenville
Eastern end of KY 181 concurrency
KY 1293 north (Dunmor-Deer Lick Road) – Lake Malone, Dunmor
Southern terminus of KY 1293
Lewisburg54.14687.140 US 431 (Main Street) / KY 106 – Central City, RussellvilleNorthern (eastern) terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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