Kentucky Route 100

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Kentucky Route 100

KY 100 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length102.060 mi[1] (164.250 km)
Major junctions
West end US 79 in Russellville
Major intersections US 31W in Franklin
I-65 near Franklin
US 31E / US 231 near Scottsville
East end KY 90 near Waterview
CountryUnited States
CountiesLogan, Simpson, Allen, Monroe, Cumberland
Highway system
KY 99 KY 101

Kentucky Route 100 (KY 100) is a state highway in south-central Kentucky. It originates at a junction with U.S. Highway 79 in Russellville in Logan County. The route continues through Simpson, Allen and Monroe Counties to terminate at a junction with KY 90 near Waterview in Cumberland County.

According to the Caves, Lakes, and Corvettes regional brochure by the Kentucky Department of Tourism, the entire KY 100 corridor is considered a Kentucky Scenic Byway.[2]


Kentucky Route 100 was one out of many charter state highways when the statewide system of state highways began in the late 1920s into 1930. Its original western terminus was located near downtown Russellville, and its eastern terminus was originally located about 3 miles (4.8 km) west of Burkesville on KY 90. It originally went through unincorporated small communities such as Leslie and Arat.[3]

However, at some time between 1945 and 1958,[4] KY 100's final few miles and its eastern terminus were both rerouted to its current location with another intersection with KY 90 at Waterview, further west of Burkesville. KY 1205 and most of KY 691 are the current designations for the original KY 100 ending. The remaining parts of the original alignment in western Cumberland County are either no longer existing (especially the originally unpaved section) or they still exist, but is now maintained by the Cumberland County Road Department.[5]

In 2015, KY 100's western terminus was truncated to a crossroads intersection with U.S. Route 68 and US 68 Business on the east side of Russellville. This was done to reduce car accidents at the original west terminus, which was also where US 79's northern terminus was originally located.[6] In 2018, the western terminus was truncated again to Franklin Road's intersection with the then-new southern loop of the Russellville Bypass with the US 79 designation.

Major intersections

LoganRussellville0.000.00 US 79Western terminus of KY-100
KY 663 south (Corinth Road)
West end of KY 663 concurrency
KY 2369 north (Dennis-Corinth Road)
Southern terminus of KY 2369
KY 663 north (Friendship Road)
Eastern end of KY 663 concurrency
KY 103 north (Middleton Road)
Southern terminus of KY 103
9.79315.760 KY 665 (George Taylor Road)
KY 1008 east (McLendon Road)
Western terminus of KY 1008
US 31W north (North Main Street) / KY 73
Northern end of US 31W concurrency
KY 383 west (West Madison Street)
Eastern terminus of KY 383

US 31W south (South Main Street) to I-65
Southern end of US 31W concurrency
19.96732.134 KY 1008 (Harding Road)The Medical Center at Franklin to the south
KY 73 (Rapids Road) to KY 585
KY 585 one block north of intersection
I-65 – Nashville, LouisvilleI-65 Exit 6
Hickory Flat25.23240.607 KY 662 (Hickory Flat-Rapids Road / Hickory Flat-Gold City Road)
KY 2061 north (Reeder School Road)
Southern terminus of KY 2061
KY 482 east (Calvert Road)
Western terminus of KY 482
KY 2163 west (Perrytown Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 2163
KY 585 west (Old Franklin Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 585
Scottsville40.66665.446 US 31E / US 231 (New Gallatin Road) – Information Center, Quail Hollow Candle & GiftsThe Medical Center at Scottsville to the north
KY 3500 south (Old Gallatin Road)
Northern terminus of KY 3500
KY 2160 south (Old Hartsville Road)
Northern terminus of KY 2160

KY 980 west (Bowling Green Road) to US 31E / US 231
Eastern terminus of KY 980; access to The Medical Center at Scottsville
KY 101 north (Smiths Grove Road)
Southern terminus of KY 101
KY 98 east (East Main Street)
Western terminus of KY 98
KY 1421 south (Mt. Union Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1421
KY 671 north (Pitchford Ridge Road)
Southern terminus of KY 671
KY 99 south (Lafayette Road)
Northern terminus of KY 99
MonroeFountain Run57.90993.196
KY 98 west (Brownsford Road) – Scottsville, Bowling Green
Eastern terminus of KY 98
58.34693.899 KY 87 (Main Street)
KY 2170 west (College Street)
Eastern terminus of KY 2170
Flippin63.564102.296 KY 678 (White Oak Ridge Road/Mudlick-Flippin Road)
KY 249 north (Flippin Lamb Road)
Southern terminus of KY 249
KY 1366 east (County House Road)
Western terminus of KY 1366
KY 792 south (Stanford Street)
Northern terminus of KY 792

KY 63 south (Red Boiling Springs Road) to KY 382
Western end of KY 63 concurrency
KY 1860 south
Northern terminus of KY 1860
KY 1366 west (County House Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 1366

KY 375 north / KY 63 north
Western end of KY 375 concurrency; Eastern end of KY 63 concurrency

KY 1446 south (South Magnoila Street) / KY 375 south (East 4th Street)
Northern terminus of KY 1446; Eastern end of KY 375 concurrency
KY 3144 east (Capp Harlan Road)
Western terminus of KY 3144; access to Monroe County Medical Center
81.361130.938 KY 163 (Tompkinsville Bypass)
KY 2441 north (Lyons Chapel Road)
Southern terminus of KY 2441; access to Tompkinsville-Monroe County Airport
KY 214 east (Turkey Neck Bend Road)
Western terminus of KY 214

KY 2439 south (Center Point Road)
Y junction; northern terminus of KY 2439
KY 3115 north (Gray Gap Road)
Southern terminus of KY 3115
Waterview102.06164.25 KY 90 (Glasgow Road)Eastern terminus of KY 100
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related routes

Kentucky Route 100 Truck

Truck plate.svg

Kentucky Route 100 Truck

LocationFranklin, Simpson County
Length3.418 mi[1] (5.501 km)

Kentucky Route 100 Truck (KY 100 Truck) is the truck route of KY 100 in Franklin, in Simpson County. It follows the KY 1008 beltway bypassing downtown Franklin to the south. This includes the first 3.418 miles (5.501 km) of KY 1008.


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