Iowa Highway 163

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Iowa Highway 163

Iowa 163 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by Iowa DOT
Length165.902 mi[1] (266.993 km)
Major junctions
West end US 69 in Des Moines
Major intersections
East end US 34 at Burlington
CountryUnited States
Highway system
Iowa 160 Iowa 165

Iowa Highway 163 (Iowa 163) is a state highway that travels from U.S. Highway 69 in Des Moines to US 63 near Oskaloosa. The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) has signed Iowa 163 from Oskaloosa to Burlington along US 63 and US 34, but it does not officially recognize those sections of road as part of the route.

Iowa 163 is a divided highway with some freeway sections for most of its length and serves as a connector between Des Moines with Burlington.

Route description

Iowa 163 near the Iowa State Fairgrounds

Iowa Highway 163 begins at the corner of E. 14th Street, which carries U.S. Highway 69 (US 69), and E. University Avenue in Des Moines. It heads east along E. University traveling 34 mile (1.2 km) to Interstate 235 (I-235).[1] There is no direct access to eastbound I-235 from eastbound Iowa 163. Traffic must take E. 21st Street to Easton Boulevard to access eastbound I-235. Highway 163 continues east past the Iowa State Fairgrounds on its way to Pleasant Hill where it meets U.S. Highway 65 at a diamond interchange.

It continues east and meets Iowa Highway 117 near Prairie City. It turns southeast and meets Iowa Highway 14 near Monroe. It continues southeast, passes Pella, then continues southeast, meeting Iowa Highway 92 west of Oskaloosa before intersecting U.S. Highway 63 south of that city. The Iowa 163 designation is then extended along U.S. Highway 63 between Oskaloosa and Ottumwa, and U.S. Highway 34 between Ottumwa and Burlington.

Eastern terminus at Burlington


U.S. Highway 163

LocationDes MoinesOskaloosa

In 1926, when U.S. Highway 63 was formed, it followed the route of what became Iowa Highway 163. After U.S. 63 was extended north into Minnesota and Wisconsin in 1934, the route then became U.S. Highway 163.[2] In 1937, US 163 was deleted and was replaced by Iowa Highway 163.[2] In 1970, the US 163 designation was reused for an unrelated highway in Utah and Arizona.

Iowa Highway 163 was originally a two-lane road. In the 1970s the highway was divided through Polk County east of Pleasant Hill. During the 1990s, the highway began to emerge from a two-lane highway to a four-lane highway as part of an ongoing project to create a continuous four-lane highway from Des Moines to Burlington. The segments of 163 in rural areas were converted to four lanes, but the main highway still went through the city centers. That would soon change as bypasses were constructed around the towns along the route. The first freeway bypass, with three interchanges, opened around Pella on October 17, 1994. Bypasses of Monroe, Iowa (with two interchanges), Prairie City, Iowa (with one interchange and one turnoff), Otley, Iowa (with two turnoffs), and Oskaloosa, Iowa (with two interchanges) were later constructed. The last four-lane segment opened between Pella and Oskaloosa on September 30, 1999. Today 163 is divided its entire length, except for short stretches of undivided highway in the Des Moines area.

In October 2009, Iowa 163 was extended along the completed freeway from Oskaloosa to Burlington, overlapping both U.S. Highway 63 and U.S. Highway 34.[3]

Exit list

PolkDes Moines0.0000.000 US 69 (East 14th Street)
I-235 west
Westbound only. No direct access to I-235 east from Iowa 163

To I-235 east (E. 21st Street)
Pleasant Hill5.3398.592 US 65 – Altoona, Indianola
JasperPrairie City18.31129.46918 Iowa 117 / CR S6G – Prairie City, Colfax
29.37647.27629 Iowa 14 – Monroe, Newton
Iowa 163 Business / CR G28 – Pella, Lake Red Rock
45.06472.52344 CR G5T – Pella, New Sharon

Iowa 92 to US 63 north – Oskaloosa, Knoxville
US 63 north – Oskaloosa
Western end of US 63 overlap, exit numbers follow US 63
Eddyville67.518108.66054Marino Avenue
Iowa 137 south – Eddyville, Albia
Ottumwa80.402129.39442Ottumwa Regional Airport, Industrial Park

US 63 Bus. south / Iowa 149 – Ottumwa
85.772138.03736Dahlonega Road
87.494140.80835Pennsylvania Avenue

US 34 west / US 63 south – Ottumwa
Eastern end of US 63 overlap; western end of US 34 overlap; exit numbers follow US 34
Agency92.156148.311195 CR V37 – Agency, Hedrick
Pleasant Township95.777154.138199

Iowa 16 east / CR V43 north – Eldon
JeffersonBatavia99.879160.740203 CR H43 – Batavia

US 34 Bus. east (Burlington Avenue)
111.797179.920212 Iowa 1 – Fairfield, Keosauqua

US 34 Bus. west (Burlington Avenue)
HenryTippecanoe Township129.641208.637229

US 34 Bus. east – Mount Pleasant, Westwood
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance only
131.820212.144231 CR W55 – Mount Pleasant, WestwoodWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only
Mount Pleasant135.145217.495234

To US 218 north / Iowa 27 north (Iowa 438) / US 218 Bus. south – Mount Pleasant
Only access to northbound US 218 from eastbound US 34

US 218 north / Iowa 27 north
Western end of US 218 / IA 27 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance only; exit numbers follow US 218

US 218 south / Iowa 27 south / US 34 Bus. east / US 218 Bus. – Mount Pleasant, Keokuk
Eastern end of US 218 / IA 27 overlap
New London144.888233.175244 CR X23 – New London, Mount UnionExit numbers follow US 34
Des MoinesDanville Township156.383251.674255Middletown, Danville
West Burlington159.550256.771258 CR X40 (Beaverdale Road) / Agency Road
160.824258.821259Mount Pleasant Street
162.086260.852260Gear Avenue, Bus Depot
Burlington163.689263.432261 US 61 (Roosevelt Avenue) – Fort Madison
164.481264.707262ACurran Street
165.343266.094262BCentral Avenue, Snake Alley
165.902266.993263 CR X99 (Main Street)
Mississippi River166.270267.586Great River Bridge; Iowa–Illinois state line; Iowa 163 ends

US 34 east – Galesburg
Continuation into Illinois
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related route

Business plate.svg

Iowa Highway 163 Business


Iowa Highway 163 Business serves Pella, following the old alignment of Iowa 163 through Pella.


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