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Interstate 95

I-95 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by VDOT
Length178.73 mi[1][2] (287.64 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
South end I-95 at North Carolina border near Skippers
Major intersections
North end I-95 / I-495 at District of Columbia border in Alexandria on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge
CountryUnited States
CountiesGreensville, City of Emporia, Sussex, Prince George, City of Petersburg, City of Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, City of Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Caroline, Spotsylania, City of Fredericksburg, Stafford, Prince William, Fairfax, City of Alexandria
Highway system
SR 94 SR 96

Interstate 95 (I-95) runs 179 miles (288 km) within the commonwealth of Virginia between its borders with North Carolina and Maryland. I-95 meets the northern terminus of I-85 in Petersburg and is concurrent with I-64 for three miles (4.8 km) in Richmond. Although I-95 was originally planned as a highway through Washington, D.C. (following the route of what is now I-395), it was rerouted along the eastern portion of the Capital Beltway concurrent with I-495. From Petersburg to Richmond, I-95 utilized most of the Richmond–Petersburg Turnpike, a former toll road (the south end of the toll road was on I-85). In addition to Richmond, the route also runs through the medium-sized cities of Emporia, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Fredericksburg, and Alexandria.

It enters the Capital Beltway at the Springfield Interchange, also known as the Mixing Bowl. I-95 continues over the Potomac River on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge into Washington, D.C. (for 0.11 miles [0.18 km] on the bridge) and then into Maryland on the Capital Beltway.

The route between Fredericksburg and Springfield is consistently one of the most congested routes of highway in the US, particularly during holidays and rush hours. The causes for this congestion are lack of alternative routes, fewer lanes than needed, and the spread-out suburbs of the Washington, D.C. area.[3] To solve this problem, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) started a project to widen I-95 to six lanes between the cities, as well as adding express lanes and new offramps to U.S. Route 17 (US 17) and State Route 3 (SR 3) through Fredericksburg. The project was started in 2018 and was completed by the end of 2023.[4]

On January 4, 2022, a major traffic jam occurred, leaving some people stuck in traffic for more than 24 hours due to heavy snowfall.[5]

Route description

North Carolina to Petersburg

I-95 northbound entering Virginia from North Carolina in Greensville County

I-95 continues the pattern of being a four-lane highway from North Carolina. The northbound welcome center forbids trucks, but truck stops at the first two interchanges provides a substitute place for truckers to stay before reaching Emporia.[6][7] In Emporia, the freeway has an interchange with US 58. North of here, I-95 and US 301 are often intertwined with each other as they encounter interchanges with Virginia Secondary State Routes. In the Owens–Stony Creek area in Sussex County, the road not only runs parallel to US 301 but shares bridges with I-95, many of which have access to US 301 from connecting roads. This pattern ends at exit 33 at the corner of a truck stop and travel center. Crossing the Sussex–Prince George county line, the first site along I-95 is another rest area that also serves as the Petersburg Area Tourist Information Center. The road makes a slight northeast turn between Carson and Templeton, then turns straight north again before approaching the south end of I-295 just before crossing the southern border of the city of Petersburg at exit 47. A series of frontage roads connect the interchanges with US 460, US 301 and the northern terminus of I-85. Immediately after the interchange with I-85, remnants of the former toll booths for the Richmond–Petersburg Turnpike can be found.[8] Also, the I-95/I-85 interchange was formerly marked with signs directing southbound travelers to the long-distance cities of Miami, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, respectively.

Petersburg to Richmond

View of I-95 southbound past SR 144 in Colonial Heights
I-95 northbound at the SR 802 interchange in Hanover County

North of Petersburg, I-95 crosses the Appomattox River and enters the city of Colonial Heights and then Chesterfield County. An extraordinarily high Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge carries SR 895 (Pocahontas Parkway) over I-95 and the James River just south of the Richmond city limits. A CSX Transportation railroad line runs parallel to the northbound lane in the vicinity of the Port of Richmond, and the Commerce Road Industrial Area, a region that includes a Philip Morris USA office and an old bridge manufacturing plant.[9] As I-95 itself crosses the James River, Richmond Main Street Station can be seen on the north bank, and the road winds around the station itself.[10] The first interchange after it crosses the James River is the tolled SR 195 freeway and from there the road winds toward the concurrency with I-64. I-64/I-95 curves to the northwest to cross under US 1/US 301, only to turn back north briefly, and curve northwest again, as it approaches SR 161. This pattern ends when I-64 turns west at the same interchange as the northern terminus of I-195. From here I-95 curves back to the northeast and has two interchanges with US 1, and later US 301 separately, the latter of which has separate carriageways on both side of I-95. Another interchange with I-295 exists in Glen Allen. However, I-295 does not terminate there, and the south-to-eastbound and west-to-northbound offramps between the two can be accessed in the medians of both roads.

Central Virginia to Washington, D.C.

View north along I-95 north of US 17 in Stafford County

Throughout much of central Virginia, I-95 climbs a series of hills and contains wide tree-lined medians. Near Doswell, the SR 30 interchange provides access to the Kings Dominion amusement park, with signs for the amusement park blended in with standard destination signs. US 17 overlaps I-95 from Massaponax at exit 126 north to Falmouth at exit 133 as the highway passes west of the city of Fredericksburg. The bidirectional high-occupancy toll lane (HOT lane) begins at the northern US 17 interchange and runs through the center of I-95 through most of the rest of its journey toward Washington, D.C. At exit 143 in Aquia, the northbound off- and onramps connect directly to US 1, even though the interchange is specifically for SR 610.[11] Crossing over the Chopawamsic Creek takes I-95 through Marine Corps Base Quantico, which includes restrictive interchanges.

I-95 northbound at the SR 294 exit near Woodbridge

Further north in Prince William County, there are four rest areas; two for trucks in Dumfries and two for cars in Dale City. The truck rest areas, with weigh stations, are near exit 152. The car rest areas have uniquely positioned entrance and exit ramps. The southbound car rest area, near exit 156, is accessible only from the southbound collector–distributor road. In Lorton, a scissor interchange exists with US 1 and, shortly after this, Lorton station serving Amtrak's Auto Train is located near exit 163. Due to public opposition of efforts to build I-95 through Washington, D.C. and College Park, Maryland, I-95 is diverted onto a concurrency with I-495 (Capital Beltway) at the Springfield Interchange, with the former alignment north of here becoming I-395. I-95/I-495 continue east through Franconia, over the Washington Metro's Blue Line and Rose Hill. At Huntington, I-95/I-495 run under the Washington Metro's Yellow Line and through Alexandria before crossing over the Potomac River on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge briefly into Washington, D.C. and then into Maryland.

HOV facilities

I-95 with reversible HOT lanes in northern Virginia

I-95 extends the twin-lane barrier-separated high-occupancy toll lanes (HOV lanes) that begin on I-395 at the 14th Street bridges in Washington. These lanes have been extended south several times, most recently to US 17 near Fredericksburg.

As part of the Quantico Creek bridge rebuilding project, a three-lane, 300-foot-long (91 m) bridge was constructed in the median just south of the old southern HOV terminus for use when the HOV facilities were extended. It was previously used as a detour bridge and retained its lane striping from such use.

In December 2014, this bridge became part of the Southern HOV/HOT lane extension project that now runs to just north of Garrisonville Road (exit 143) in Stafford.[12][13]

The new I-95 HOV/HOT lanes project created approximately 29 miles (47 km) of HOV/HOT lanes on I-95 from Garrisonville Road in Stafford County to the vicinity of Edsall Road on I-395 in Fairfax County.[14]

In July 2016, VDOT began construction of an additional one-mile (1.6 km) extension of the HOV/HOT lanes on I-95 south of Garrisonville Road in Stafford County. This addition opened in November 2017.[15] On August 17, 2023, the HOV/HOT lanes were extended south from Garrisonville Road to US 17 near Fredericksburg; at the time, intermediate exits along the extension were not open.[16] The intermediate exits opened on December 7, 2023.[17]

Welcome centers, rest areas, and weigh stations

Virginia Welcome Center and rest area located northbound past the North Carolina state line
  • Northbound Virginia Welcome Center: Milepost 1, north of the North Carolina state line
  • Northbound Petersburg Welcome Center: Milepost 35 between exits 33 and 37
  • Carson Weigh Stations: Milepost 40 between exits 37 and 41
  • Ladysmith Rest Areas: Milepost 108 between exits 104 and 110
  • Southbound Fredericksburg Rest Area: Milepost 132 between exits 130 and 133
  • Dumfries Rest Area and Weigh Stations: Milepost 153 between exits 152 and 156
  • Dale City Rest Areas: Milepost 155 between exits 152 and 156


In 2010, volume at Newington, northbound, from 6:00–9:00 am, is about 8,800 vehicles in the two HOV lanes and 18,300 vehicles in the three lanes with no restriction.[18]

Auxiliary routes


I-95/I-495 south coming off the Woodrow Wilson Bridge from Maryland
View south along I-95 north of SR 150 and SR 895 in Bensley
  • I-195 is a short spur from north of downtown Richmond south into downtown.
  • I-295 is a bypass to the east of Richmond, from I-95 south of Petersburg, across I-64 east of Richmond and I-95 north of Richmond to I-64 west of Richmond.
  • I-395 is a branch from Springfield north into downtown Washington, D.C. It was part of I-95 until 1977.
  • I-495 is the Capital Beltway, a full loop around Washington, D.C. Since 1977, I-95 has run along its eastern half.


Exit list

I-95 south – Rocky Mount
Continuation into North Carolina
Skippers4.136.654 SR 629 – Skippers
8.2513.288 US 301 – Emporia
City of Emporia11.0017.7011 US 58 – South Hill, Emporia, NorfolkSigned as exits 11A (east) and 11B (west)
US 301 north
Northbound exit only
13.5121.7413 SR 614 – Emporia
Sussex17.3027.8417 US 301
20.2532.5920 SR 631 – JarrattFormer SR 137; to SR 139
Owens24.2939.0924 SR 645
Stony Creek30.9249.7631 SR 40 – Stony Creek, Waverly
33.3753.7033 SR 602
Prince GeorgeCarson37.1559.7937 SR 623 – CarsonFormer SR 141 west, signed only for US 301 southbound
Templeton40.8865.7941 US 301 / SR 35 / SR 156 – Courtland
Kingwood45.4273.1045 US 301

I-295 north to I-64 – Washington, Richmond International Airport
I-295 to 95 north exit 1
City of Petersburg47.7476.8347 SR 629 (Rives Road)
48.8978.6848 Wagner Road (US 460 east)Signed as exits 48A (east) and 48B (west); south end of US 460 overlap; serves Southside Regional Medical Center

US 460 Bus. east (County Drive) to SR 109 / US 301 (Crater Road) / Wythe Street/Washington Street – Fort Gregg-Adams
Northbound signed as "US 460 east to SR 109/US 301/Wythe St./Washington St."; southbound signed as "US 301/US 460 Bus." only; signed as exits 50A (US 460), 50B-C (US 301), and 50D (Wythe St./Washington St.) northbound

I-85 south / US 460 west – Durham, South Hill, Blackstone
Northern end of US 460 concurrency; Northern terminus of I-85; northbound signed as "South Hill/Blackstone"; southbound signed as "Durham"
52.1483.9152Bank StreetNorthbound exit only
52.1583.93Washington Street/Wythe Street (US 460 Bus.) – Petersburg National Battlefield, Historic Old Towne Petersburg
Appomattox River52.7984.96Appomattox River Bridge
City of Colonial Heights53.0085.3053Southpark Boulevard
SR 144 (Temple Avenue) to SR 36
Chesterfield57.9193.2058 SR 620 (Woods Edge Road) / SR 746 (Ruffin Mill Road)Signed as exits 58A (east) and 58B (west) southbound
Chester60.8197.8661 SR 10 – Hopewell, ChesterSigned as exits 61A (east) and 61B (west)
SR 288 north to Powhite Parkway (SR 76) – Chesterfield
64.66104.0664 SR 613 (Willis Road)

SR 150 north (Chippenham Parkway) to SR 895 east / US 60 west / US 360 west / I-295 – Richmond International Airport
Signed as exits 67A (east) and 67B (north) northbound; no access from I-95 south to SR 895 east
City of Richmond69.35111.6169 SR 161 (Bells Road)
73.16117.7473Maury Street/Commerce Road
73.61118.46James River Bridge

SR 195 Toll (Downtown Expressway) to I-195 north / Powhite Parkway (SR 76 south)
74.30119.5774BFranklin StreetSouthbound exit only
US 250 (Broad Street) to US 33
No access from I-95 south to US 250 east
I-64 east / 7th Street – Williamsburg, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Richmond International Airport
Southern end of I-64 concurrency; I-64 exit 190
75.85122.0776A US 1 / US 301 (Chamberlayne Avenue)Northbound exit and southbound entrance
76.09122.4576B US 1 / US 301 (Belvidere Street)No northbound exit
78.06125.6378 SR 161 (Arthur Ashe Boulevard)

I-64 west / I-195 south / to Powhite Parkway (SR 76 south) – Charlottesville
Northern end of I-64 concurrency; I-64 exit 187
79.91128.6080 SR 161 (Hermitage Road/Lakeside Avenue)Northbound exit and southbound entrance
HenricoBrook Hill80.82130.0781 US 1 (Brook Road)Northbound exit and southbound entrance
81.12130.5582 US 301 / SR 2 (Chamberlayne Avenue)Former northern terminus of Richmond–Petersburg Turnpike
Yellow Tavern82.94133.4883
SR 73 west (Parham Road)
Signed as exits 83A (east) and 83B (west)
I-295 to I-64 – Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Rocky Mount, NC, Richmond International Airport
Signed as exits 84A (south) and 84B (north); I-295 exit 43; Rocky Mount, NC signed northbound; Williamsburg and Virginia Beach signed southbound
HanoverAshland87.30140.5086 SR 656 – Atlee, ElmontSigned as exits 86A (east) and 86B (west)
Lewistown89.09143.3889 SR 802 (Lewistown Road)
Ashland91.74147.6492 SR 54 – Ashland, HanoverSigned as exits 92A (east) and 92B (west) northbound
97.75157.3198 SR 30 – Doswell, West Point, Kings DominionSouthbound exit splits to separate ramp to Kings Dominion
CarolineCarmel Church104.18167.66104
SR 207 to US 301 – Carmel Church, Bowling Green
Ladysmith110.30177.51110 SR 639 – LadysmithTo former SR 229 west
SpotsylvaniaThornburg118.26190.32118 SR 606 – Thornburg
US 1 / US 17 south – Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg
Southern end of US 17 concurrency; signed as exits 126A (north) and 126B (south) northbound
City of Fredericksburg129.54208.47130 SR 3 – Culpeper, FredericksburgSigned as exits 130A (east) and 130B (west)
Rappahannock River131.83212.16Rappahannock Falls Bridge

US 17 north / US 17 Bus. – Warrenton, Falmouth, Fredericksburg
Northern end of US 17 concurrency; signed as exits 133A (US 17 Bus.) and 133B (north) southbound

I-95 Express north
South end of I-95 Express lanes
SR 8900 (Centreport Parkway) to US 1 – Stafford Airport
Exit opened December 22, 2005
139.83225.03140 SR 630 – StaffordTo former SR 212 east

I-95 Express north
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
SR 610 east / US 1 – Aquia
Signed as US 1 northbound and SR 610 southbound; former SR 213
SR 610 west – Garrisonville
Former SR 213

I-95 Express north
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Prince William147.65237.62148Marine Corps Base Quantico
Triangle149.97241.35150 SR 619 – Triangle, Quantico, Prince William Forest ParkSigned as exits 150A (east) and 150B (west) southbound; commercial vehicles to Marine Corps Base Quantico must use exit 148

I-95 Express north
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Dumfries152.36245.20152 SR 234 – Dumfries, ManassasSigned as exits 152A (south) and 152B (north)
Dale City155.91250.91156 SR 784 – Dale City, Rippon LandingSince 2012, signed as exits 156A (east) and 156B (west); northbound entrance includes direct entrance ramp from Opitz Boulevard, and direct exit ramp to I-95 Express lanes
I-95 Express
No direct northbound exit
158.13254.49158 SR 294 (Prince William Parkway) – Woodbridge, ManassasSigned as exits 158A (east) and 158B (west)
158.13254.49 SR 294 (Prince William Parkway) – Manassas, WoodbridgeSouthbound exit and northbound entrance for I-95 Express lanes; exit includes direct exit ramp to Horner Road Commuter Parking Lot
Woodbridge160.05257.58160 SR 123 – Occoquan, Lake Ridge, WoodbridgeSigned as exits 160A (south) and 160B (north) northbound; no access from I-95 south to SR 123 south
160.05257.58 SR 123 – Occoquan, Lake RidgeSouthbound exit and northbound entrance for I-95 Express lanes
US 1 north – Fort Belvoir, Mount Vernon
Northbound exit and southbound entrance

US 1 south – Woodbridge
Southbound exit and northbound entrance for I-95 Express lanes

US 1 south – Woodbridge
Southbound left exit and northbound entrance
163.66263.39163 SR 642 – Lorton

I-95 Express north
Northbound exit only
166.00267.15Alban Road/Boudinot DriveSouthbound entrance only for I-95 Express lanes
166.80268.44166 SR 286 (Fairfax County Parkway) / Backlick Road (SR 617)/Fullerton Road/Heller Road – Newington, Fort BelvoirSigned as exits 166A (south) and 166B (north); Heller Rd. not signed northbound; Backlick Rd./Fullerton Rd. not signed southbound

I-95 Express south
Southbound exit and northbound entrance
SR 617 south (Backlick Road) / Fullerton Road
Southbound exit only
Springfield169.05272.06169A-B SR 644 – Franconia, SpringfieldNo southbound exit; signed as exits 169A (east) and 169B (west)
SR 289 (Franconia-Springfield Parkway)I-95 Express lane interchange

I-95 Express north
Northbound exit and southbound entrance

SR 644 west – Springfield
Southbound exit and northbound entrance for I-95 Express lanes

I-395 north / I-495 north – Washington, Tysons Corner
Part of Springfield Interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance; signed as exits 170A (I-395) and 170B (I-495); I-395 exits 1A-B

I-395 Express north
I-95 Express lane interchange; part of Springfield Interchange

I-495 north – Tysons Corner
I-95 Express lane interchange; part of Springfield Interchange

I-95 Express south
Part of Springfield Interchange; north end of I-95 Express lanes
I-495 north – Tysons Corner
Southern end of I-495 concurrency; part of Springfield Interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Franconia171.97276.76173 SR 613 (Van Dorn Street) – FranconiaFormerly signed as exit 3 (following old Capital Beltway numbering)
173.51279.24174Eisenhower Avenue Connector – Alexandria

I-95 north / I-495 east – Baltimore
South end of Thru Lanes
SR 241 / SR 611 south (Telegraph Road/North Kings Highway) / to Eisenhower Avenue – Alexandria
Signed as exits 176A (south) and 176B (north); formerly signed as exit 2 (following old Capital Beltway numbering)
176.27283.68Eisenhower AvenueSouthbound exit and northbound entrance for Thru Lanes only
City of Alexandria176.57284.16177A-B US 1 – Alexandria, Fort BelvoirSigned as exits 177A (south) and 177B (north); formerly signed as exit 1 (following old Capital Beltway numbering); entrances include direct entrance ramps onto Thru Lanes; no access to northbound Thru Lanes from US 1 north
177CMount VernonSouthbound exit only
Potomac River177.64285.88Woodrow Wilson Bridge
VADC and DC–MD lines

I-95 north / I-495 north (Capital Beltway) – Baltimore
Continuation beyond Virginia
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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