Interstate 94 in Minnesota

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Interstate 94

Blue Star Memorial Highway
Purple Heart Trail
Route information
Defined by MS § 161.%section%
Maintained by MnDOT
Length259.49 mi[1] (417.61 km)
NHSEntire route
RestrictionsNo hazardous goods allowed in the Lowry Hill Tunnel
Major junctions
West end I-94 / US 52 at the North Dakota state line
Major intersections
East end I-94 / US 12 at the Wisconsin state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesClay, Wilkin, Otter Tail, Grant, Douglas, Todd, Stearns, Wright, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington
Highway system
  • Minnesota Trunk Highway System
MN 93 MN 95

Interstate 94 (I-94) in the US state of Minnesota runs 259 miles (417 km) east–west through the central portion of the state. The highway connects the cities of Moorhead, Fergus Falls, Alexandria, St. Cloud, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul. Authorized in 1956, it was mostly constructed in the 1960s.

Route description

I-94 enters the state from North Dakota at the city of Moorhead and heads southeast after serving Moorhead.

Traveling southeast from Moorhead, there are several places where the elevation of I-94 rises slightly; these are "beaches" that formed as the glacial lake rose or fell. Finally, at Rothsay, I-94 climbs the last beach line and enters terrain more typical for Minnesota. From Rothsay to the Twin Cities, the terrain of I-94 is rolling with frequent lakes visible from the highway.

I-94 traverses by Fergus Falls, Alexandria, and Sauk Centre on its way to St. Cloud. The "original main street" in Sauk Centre near I-94 commemorates the Sinclair Lewis novel that skewered this town.

Monticello is roughly the midpoint exurb for both St. Cloud and Minneapolis. Between exits 201 (Albertville) and 194 (Monticello) sits the Minnesota Road Research Facility.

Upon arrival to the Twin Cities, I-94 first approaches Minneapolis from the north, then the highway turns east after passing through the Lowry Hill Tunnel and heads to Saint Paul while traveling east.

The road crosses the Mississippi River in Minneapolis between the Prospect Park and Seward neighborhoods. The highway joins Minneapolis and Saint Paul together where it meets Minnesota State Highway 280 (MN 280). In Saint Paul, the routing of I-94 is set through the historic Rondo neighborhood, which, prior to the highway's construction, was the largest Black community in Saint Paul.[2][3][4]

Upon leaving Saint Paul, the route travels through suburban Washington County and exits the state into Wisconsin between Lakeland, Minnesota, and Hudson, Wisconsin, while crossing the St. Croix River.

Legally, the Minnesota section of I-94 is defined as unmarked Legislative Route 392 in the Minnesota Statutes § 161.12(4).[5] I-94 is not marked with this legislative number along the actual highway.


I-94 in Minnesota was authorized as part of the original Interstate System in 1956. It was mostly constructed in the 1960s.

I-94 follows the original route of old US Highway 52 (US 52) from Moorhead to St. Cloud, then I-94 stays south of the Mississippi River along the former route of old MN 152 between St. Cloud and the Twin Cities. I-94 then passes through both downtowns and exits toward Wisconsin along the former route of old US 12.

The first section of I-94 in Minnesota constructed was between Moorhead and Albany in the early 1960s, as an extension of the existing highway in North Dakota.

The section of I-94 between Minneapolis and Saint Paul was completed in 1968 and dedicated December 9.[6] In the Twin Cities, the construction of the highway was politically charged. The highway was built primarily through many working-class and Black neighborhoods.[4][7] In Saint Paul, the routing of I-94 displaced the historic Rondo Neighborhood, which, prior to the highway's construction, was the largest Black community in Saint Paul.[2][3][4]

The section of I-94 between Maple Grove and Brooklyn Center was completed in 1969, between St. Augusta and Maple Grove in 1973 and between Albany and St. Augusta in 1977.

The section of I-94 from Brooklyn Center through north Minneapolis was completed in 1984. Like the Rondo neighborhood in the 1960s, this segment was through a primarily Black and working-class neighborhood.[7]

The last section of I-94 in Minnesota constructed was the 10 miles (16 km) between its junction with I-494/I-694 at Woodbury and the Wisconsin state line at Lakeland. This was completed in 1985.

In 2004, a third lane was constructed between Brooklyn Boulevard at Brooklyn Center and Hemlock Lane at Maple Grove. This is located immediately east of the I-494/I-694/I-94 interchange in Maple Grove, also known locally as the Fish Lake Interchange.

From September 2007 to October 2008, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) added a temporary extra lane to I-94 between northbound I-35W and MN 280 in the Twin Cities to help relieve traffic congestion caused by the collapse of the I-35W Mississippi River bridge. As a result, this portion of I-94 was not up to Interstate Highway standards during this time period.

Rethinking I-94

In 2016, MnDOT launched a project known as Rethinking I-94, which is aimed at reconnecting neighborhoods, revitalizing communities, and ensuring that residents have a voice in transportation decisions.[8] The construction of I-94 between Minneapolis and Saint Paul was controversial and has been a political debate for many years. MnDOT is considering reconnecting those neighborhoods that were destroyed and separated in 1960.

Exit list

Red River of the North0.0000.000

I-94 west / US 52 west – Fargo, Bismarck
Continuation into North Dakota
North Dakota–Minnesota state line
ClayMoorhead0.5770.9291A US 75 – Moorhead, BreckenridgeBreckenridge only signed eastbound; also access to Heritage-Hjemkomst Center, Concordia College, Minnesota State University, Bluestem Trollwood
1.5382.4751B20th StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance only
I-94 BL west (34th Street) / CSAH 52 (Main Avenue Southeast)
Signed as exits 2A (Main Avenue Southeast) and 2B (34th Street) eastbound
Glyndon Township6.0759.7776 MN 336 / CSAH 11 – SabinSabin only signed eastbound; also access to US 10, Detroit Lakes, Airport, Glyndon, Dilworth
Elkton Township15.23924.52515 CSAH 10 – Downer, SabinSabin only signed westbound
township line
22.70036.53222 MN 9 – BarnesvilleBarnesville only signed eastbound
Barnesville24.54239.49724 MN 34 – Detroit Lakes, BarnesvilleDetroit Lakes only signed eastbound and Barnesville only signed westbound
WilkinPrairie View Township32.50052.30432 MN 108 / CSAH 30 – Pelican Rapids
WilkinOtter Tail
county line
Otter TailFergus Falls Township50.479–
US 59 north / CSAH 88 – Fergus Falls, Pelican Rapids, Detroit Lakes
Northern end of US 59 overlap; Fergus Falls only signed eastbound, and Pelican Rapids/Detroit Lakes only signed westbound
Fergus Falls54.16787.17354
MN 210 west – Fergus Falls, Breckenridge
Western end of MN 210 overlap; also access to Lincoln Avenue, Airport, Central Lakes State Trail
55.86089.89855 CSAH 1 – Fergus Falls, WendellWendell only signed eastbound
Buse Township57.88893.16257
MN 210 east / CSAH 25 – Fergus Falls
Eastern end of MN 210 overlap; also access to Lake Region Hospital
BuseDane Prairie
township line
US 59 south / CSAH 82 – Elbow Lake, Fergus Falls
Southern end of US 59 overlap; Elbow Lake only signed eastbound, and Fergus Falls only signed westbound
Tumuli Township67.624108.83067 CSAH 35 – Dalton
GrantPelican Lake Township77.099124.07977 MN 78 / CSAH 10 – Ashby, BarrettAlso access to Battle Lake, Prairie Ridge Hospital
DouglasEvansville Township82.908133.42782
MN 79 west / CSAH 41 – Evansville, Elbow Lake
Brandon Township90.096144.99590 CSAH 7 – Brandon
La Grand Township97.415156.77497
MN 114 south / CSAH 40 – Garfield, Lowry
MN 27 west / CSAH 46 – Alexandria
Western end of MN 27 overlap; Alexandria only signed eastbound; also access to Alomere Health Hospital
103.037165.822103 MN 29 – Alexandria, GlenwoodAlso access to Alexandria Tech & Community College, Central Lakes State Trail, Alomere Health Hospital
Orange Township114.361184.046114
MN 27 east / CSAH 3 – Osakis, Westport
Eastern end of MN 27 overlap; also access to Central Lakes State Trail
ToddWest Union Township119.148191.750119 CSAH 46 – West Union
StearnsSauk Centre Township124.730200.733124 CSAH 72 (Sinclair Lewis Avenue)Eastbound exit and westbound entrance only
Sauk Centre127.179204.675127 US 71 / MN 28 – Sauk Centre, Willmar, GlenwoodWillmar only signed eastbound, Glenwood only signed westbound; also access to Sauk Centre Hospital
Melrose Township131.079210.951131
MN 4 south – Meire Grove, Paynesville
Melrose134.974217.220135 CSAH 13 – MelroseAlso access to Melrose Area Hospital
Oak Township137.864221.871137 CSAH 12 / CSAH 65 – New Munich
Freeport140.865226.700140 CSAH 11 – Freeport
Albany146.916236.438147 MN 238 / CSAH 10 – Albany
Avon153.313246.733153 CSAH 9 – AvonAlso access to Holdingford
Avon Township156.531251.912156 CR 159 – St. John's University
St. Joseph Township158.142254.505158 CSAH 75 – St. CloudEastbound exit and westbound entrance only; also access to St. Cloud Hospital
160.436258.197160 CSAH 2 – St. Joseph, Cold Spring
164.514264.760164 MN 23 – St. Cloud, Rockville, Waite Park, PaynesvilleSigned as "St. Cloud, Rockville" eastbound and "Waite Park, Paynesville" westbound
St. Cloud167.137268.981167 MN 15 – St. Cloud, KimballSigned as exits 167A (south) and 167B (north); also access to Waite Park
171.223275.557171 CSAH 75 – St. Augusta, St. CloudAlso access to St. Cloud Hospital
173.674279.501173Opportunity Drive (CSAH 75)
WrightClearwater178.953287.997178 MN 24 – Clearwater, AnnandaleAlso access to Clear Lake
Silver Creek Township184.131296.330183 CSAH 8 – Hasty, Silver CreekAlso access to Maple Lake
Monticello194.075312.333193 MN 25 – Monticello, BuffaloAlso access to Big Lake, Lake Maria State Park
195.577314.751194 CSAH 18 / CSAH 39 – MonticelloAlso access to Monticello Hospital
Albertville201.939324.989201 CSAH 19 – Albertville, St. MichaelEastbound exit is a collector–distributor ramp for exits 201 and 202
202.693326.203202 CSAH 37 – AlbertvilleWestbound exit is a distributor ramp for exits 202 and 201 and signed as 202&201
St. Michael205.679331.008205
MN 241 west / CSAH 36 – St. Michael
Separate exit ramps westbound ; Signed as 205A (MN 241) and 205B (CR 36)
HennepinRogers208.352335.310207 MN 101 (North Bypass) / CSAH 81 – Elk River, RogersWestbound exit signed as 207A (south CR 81 and north MN 101) and 207B (north MN 101 flyover ramp bypassing Diamond Lake Road); eastbound signed as exits 207A and 207B; also access to Otsego
Dayton210Dayton ParkwayDiverging diamond interchange opened November 5, 2021[9]
Maple Grove212
MN 610 east
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; opened December 2016
214.367344.990213 CSAH 30 (Maple Grove Parkway)
216.326348.143215 CSAH 109 (Weaver Lake Road)

I-494 south / I-694 east
Western end of I-694 overlap; I-494/I-694 exit 27
218.084350.97228 CSAH 61 (Hemlock Lane)
Maple GroveBrooklyn Park
city line
219.603353.41729 US 169Signed as exits 29A (south) and 29B (north)
Brooklyn Park220.153354.30230Boone Avenue
221.078355.79131 CSAH 81 (Bottineau Boulevard)
Brooklyn Center223.103359.04933 CSAH 152 (Brooklyn Boulevard)
Shingle Creek Parkway to MN 100

I-694 east / MN 252 north
Eastern end of I-694 overlap, I-694 exit 35B; Minneapolis–St. Paul Bypass
22653rd Avenue North/49th Avenue North
228.519367.766228Dowling Avenue North
CSAH 81 west (West Broadway Avenue) / CSAH 66 / CSAH 152 (North Washington Avenue)
Washington Avenue not signed eastbound
MN 55 west (Olson Memorial Highway) / 4th Street North/7th Street North
Western end of MN 55 overlap
I-394 / US 12 west
Western end of US 12 overlap; no access to I-394/12 east; I-394 exit 8B
Lowry Hill Tunnel
CSAH 22 south (Lyndale Avenue) / Hennepin Avenue
Virginia Triangle
I-35W south
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; I-35W exit 16A; access via old MN 65
233.737376.163233A11th StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
I-35W north
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; I-35W exit 16A
5th AvenueEastbound entrance only
I-35W south
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; I-35W exit 16B
MN 55 east (Hiawatha Avenue)
Eastern end of MN 55 overlap
234.473377.348234B7th StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only
234.730377.761234C CSAH 152 (Cedar Avenue)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance only
235A 25th Avenue / Riverside AvenueAlso access to Augsburg University, M Health Fairview
Dartmouth Bridge over the Mississippi River
235BHuron Boulevard
RamseySaint Paul237.081381.545236 MN 280 / University Avenue/Pelham Boulevard
237.757382.633237Cretin Avenue/Vandalia Street
239.065384.738238 MN 51 / Snelling Avenue
239.564385.541239AHamline AvenueWestbound exit only
240.063386.344239B CSAH 51 (Lexington Parkway)
241.059387.947240 CSAH 53 (Dale Street)
CSAH 56 north (Marion Street) / Kellogg Boulevard – State Capitol
Also access to Saint Paul College
242.040389.526241B 10th Street / 5th StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance; also access to Regions Hospital
242.045389.534242A 12th Street – State CapitolWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only; also access to Regions Hospital
I-35E south
Western end of I-35E overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance only; I-35E exit 107B

I-35E north / US 10 west
Eastern end of I-35E overlap; western end of US 10 overlap; I-35E exit 107A
243.067391.178242C7th StreetEastbound exit only
US 52 south / 6th Street
Eastern end of US 52 overlap; 6th Street not signed eastbound
US 61 north (Mounds Boulevard) / Kellogg Boulevard
Western end of US 61 overlap

US 10 east / US 61 south
Eastern end of US 10/US 61 overlap
246.370396.494245 CSAH 65 (White Bear Avenue)
246.866397.292246ARuth StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance only
Saint PaulMaplewood
city line
247.370398.103246 CSAH 68 (McKnight Road)

MN 120 north / CSAH 23 south / Century Avenue
city line

I-494 south / I-694 north
Minneapolis–St. Paul Bypass via I-694
WoodburyLake Elmo
city line
250.838403.685250 CSAH 13 (Inwood Avenue, Radio Drive)
251.378404.554251 CSAH 19 (Keats Avenue, Woodbury Drive)
MN 95 south / CSAH 15 (Manning Avenue)
Western end of MN 95 overlap
MN 95 north / CSAH 18 – Stillwater
Eastern end of MN 95 overlap
St. Croix River259.663417.887Minnesota–Wisconsin state line

I-94 east / US 12 east – Madison
Continuation into Wisconsin
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes

  • I-394, direct link between Minneapolis and western suburbs
  • I-494, southern/western portion of beltway loop
  • I-694, northern/eastern portion of beltway loop


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