Interstate 94 in Montana

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Interstate 94

I-94 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MDT
Length219.38 mi[1] (353.06 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
West end I-90 / US 87 / US 212 in Lockwood
Major intersections US 12 near Forsyth

MT 59 in Miles City
US 12 in Miles City

MT 16 in Glendive
East end I-94 at North Dakota state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesYellowstone, Treasure, Rosebud, Custer, Prairie, Dawson, Wibaux
Highway system
US 93 MT 117

Interstate 94 (I-94) is an east–west Interstate Highway, which links Billings, Montana, to the Canada–US border in Port Huron, Michigan. The portion in the US state of Montana is 219.38 miles (353.06 km) long, linking seven counties through the central part of the state.

The speed limit has been 80 mph (130 km/h) since January 2016, except near Billings where it is 65 mph (105 km/h).

Route description

Yellowstone County

I-94 starts in Yellowstone County in Billings at I-90 and travels northeast to the towns of Huntley, Ballantine, Pompeys Pillar, and Custer.

Treasure, Rosebud, and Custer counties

Entering Treasure County, I-94 passes near the small towns of Bighorn and Hysham; there is a little ranch access at milemarker 63.01. After entering Treasure County, the next county is Rosebud County, about 15 miles (24 km) east. There are two intersections of US Highway 12 (US 12) and Montana Highway 59 (MT 59) before entering Forsyth, after that is Custer County which is the east end of US 12 after crossing the city of Miles City.

Prairie, Dawson, and Wibaux counties

After entering Prairie County after passing the small towns of Terry and Fallon, the next county is Dawson County, entering the cities of Glendive which connects with MT 16 and entering the city of Wibaux before entering the North Dakota state line.

Exit list

YellowstoneBillings0.0000.0000 I-90 / US 87 / US 212 – Billings, SheridanWestern terminus; I-90 exit 456
Huntley6.0699.7676 S-522 – Huntley
Ballantine14.70523.66514Ballantine, Worden
Pompeys Pillar23.12437.21423Pompeys Pillar (S-568)
Custer47.06875.74947Custer (S-310)
MT 47 south – Hardin
62.504100.59063Ranch Access
67.379108.43667Hysham (S-311)
71.468115.01772 S-384 (Sarpy Creek Road)
Rosebud81.405131.00982Reservation Creek Road
87.070140.12687 MT 39 – Colstrip
US 12 west – Forsyth, Roundup
West end of US 12 overlap
103.447166.482103 S-446 (Rosebud Creek Road) / S-447 – Rosebud
106.563171.497106Butte Creek Road – Rosebud
Custer125.839202.518126Moon Creek Road
128.353206.564128Local Access
Miles City135.098217.419135
I-94 BL east – Jordan, Miles City
137.876221.890138 MT 59 – Miles City, Broadus

I-94 BL west / US 12 east – Baker, Miles City
East end of US 12 overlap
148.534239.042148Valley Access
158.841255.630159Diamond Ring
Prairie168.299270.851169Powder River Road
175.677282.725176 S-253 – Terry
184.860297.503185 S-340 – Fallon
Dawson191.788308.653192Bad Route Road
197.852318.412198Cracker Box Road
203.439327.403204Whoopup Creek Road
205.693331.031206Pleasant View Road
I-94 BL east / MT 200S – Glendive, Circle, West Glendive
West Glendive210.790339.234211 MT 200S – CircleWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
212.594342.137213 MT 16 – Glendive, Sidney
I-94 BL west – Glendive City Center
223.502359.692224Frontage Road – Griffith Creek
230.636371.173231Hodges Road
Wibaux235.409378.854236Ranch Access
Wibaux241.079387.979241 MT 7 / S-261 – Baker, WibauxEastbound exit and westbound entrance
241.698388.975242 MT 7 / S-261 – Baker, WibauxWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
248.073399.235248Carlyle Road
 249.377401.333Montana–North Dakota state line
Golden Valley
I-94 east – Medora, Bismarck
Continuation into North Dakota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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