Interstate 80 in Ohio

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Interstate 80

I-80 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by OTIC and ODOT
Length237.48 mi[1] (382.19 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
West end

I-80 Toll / I-90 Toll / Indiana Toll Road at Indiana state line
Major intersections
East end I-80 at Pennsylvania state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesWilliams, Fulton, Lucas, Wood, Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Summit, Portage, Mahoning, Trumbull
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 79 SR 80

Interstate 80 (I-80) in the US state of Ohio runs across the northern part of the state. Most of the route is part of the Ohio Turnpike; only an 18.78-mile (30.22 km) stretch is not part of the toll road. That stretch of road is the feeder route to the Keystone Shortway, a shortcut through northern Pennsylvania that provides access to New York City.

Route description

I-80 westbound Ohio Turnpike

In Ohio, I-80 enters with I-90 from the Indiana Toll Road and immediately becomes the "James W. Shocknessy Ohio Turnpike", more commonly referred to as simply the Ohio Turnpike. The two Interstates cross rural northwest Ohio and run just south of the Toledo metropolitan area. In Rossford, the turnpike intersects with I-75 in an area known as the Crossroads of America.

In Elyria Township, Lorain County, just west of Cleveland, I-90 splits from I-80 (leaving the turnpike and running northeast as a freeway). I-80 runs east-southeast through the southern suburbs of Cleveland and retains the Ohio Turnpike designation. Just northwest of Youngstown, the Ohio Turnpike continues southeast onto I-76, while I-80 exits the turnpike and runs east to the north of Youngstown, entering Pennsylvania south of Sharon, Pennsylvania.


I-80 over the Cuyahoga River

I-80 was constructed as part of the Ohio Turnpike (with the exception of modern I-76 and I-480), the origins of which predate the establishment of the Interstate Highway System in 1956. The Ohio General Assembly created the Ohio Turnpike Commission in 1949, which was the first step in designing and constructing the east–west freeway. Construction began on October 27, 1952, and the freeway was completed on October 1, 1955 (a total of 38 months).[2]

Although I-80 presently uses the Ohio Turnpike across most of the state, it was once planned to split between Norwalk and Edinburg Township, with I-80N passing through Cleveland and I-80S passing through Akron.

Exit list

CountyLocation[3][4]mi[5][6]kmOld exitNew exit[6]DestinationsNotes
WilliamsNorthwest Township0.00.0

I-80 west / I-90 west / Indiana Toll Road west – Chicago
Western end of Ohio Turnpike concurrency; western terminus of Ohio Turnpike; continuation into Indiana
2.03.21 SR 49Diamond interchange with no ramp tolls, opened December 29, 1992[7]
2.74.3Westgate Toll Barrier
Holiday City13.521.7213 SR 15 – Bryan, Montpelier
Brady Township20.833.5Indian Meadow Service Plaza (westbound)
Tiffin River Service Plaza (eastbound)
FultonFranklin Township25.541.02A25 SR 66 – Archbold, FayetteOpened November 13, 1998[8]
Dover Township34.956.2334 SR 108 – Wauseon
Pike Township39.864.13B39 SR 109 – Delta, LyonsOpened December 20, 1996[9]
LucasMonclova Township49.078.9Oak Openings Service Plaza (westbound)
Fallen Timbers Service Plaza (eastbound)
52.684.73A52 SR 2 – Swanton, Toledo AirportOpened November 21, 1991[11]

US 20 to I-475 / US 23 – Maumee, Toledo, Ann Arbor
WoodRossford64.9104.44A64 I-75 – Toledo, DaytonOpened December 4, 1991; I-75 exit 195[12]
Lake Township71.7115.4571

I-280 north / SR 420 south – Toledo, Detroit, Stony Ridge
I-280 exit 1A
OttawaNo major intersections
SanduskyWoodville Township76.9123.8Blue Heron Service Plaza (westbound)
Wyandot Service Plaza (eastbound)
OttawaElmore81.8131.65A81 SR 51 – Elmore, Woodville, GibsonburgOpened February 6, 1997[13]
SanduskySandusky Township91.6147.4691 SR 53 – Fremont, Port Clinton
Riley Township100.0160.9Erie Islands Service Plaza (westbound)
Commodore Perry Service Plaza (eastbound)
ErieGroton Township110.2177.36A110 SR 4 – Sandusky, BucyrusOpened December 15, 1994[14]
Milan Township118.5190.77118 US 250 – Sandusky, Norwalk
LorainBrownhelm Township135.9218.77A135
To SR 2 / Baumhart Road – Vermilion
Opened December 13, 1995[15] SR 2 not signed on eastbound side
Amherst Township139.5224.5Middle Ridge Service Plaza (westbound)
Vermillion Valley Service Plaza (eastbound)
140.6226.37B140 SR 58 – Amherst, OberlinOpened November 30, 2004[16]
Elyria Township142.8229.88A142

I-90 east / SR 2 east – Cleveland
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; eastern end of I-90 concurrency
Elyria145.5234.28145 SR 57 – Lorain, Elyria
North Ridgeville151.8244.39A151
I-480 east – North Ridgeville, Cleveland
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
To SR 10 – North Ridgeville, North Olmsted, Fairview Park, Cleveland
CuyahogaStrongsville161.8260.410161 I-71 / US 42 – Strongsville, Columbus, ClevelandI-71 exit 233
Broadview Heights170.1273.7Great Lakes Service Plaza (westbound)
Towpath Service Plaza (eastbound)
SummitRichfield173.2278.711173 I-77 / SR 21 – Akron, ClevelandDirect access to I-77 opened December 3, 2001[17]
Boston Heights180.3290.212180 SR 8 – Akron
I-480 west / SR 14 – Streetsboro
Shalersville Township193.9312.113A193 SR 44 – RavennaOpened December 1, 1994[14]
Freedom Township197.0317.0Portage Service Plaza (westbound)
Brady's Leap Service Plaza (eastbound)
TrumbullBraceville Township209.2336.714209 SR 5 – Warren
Lordstown215.0346.014A215Ellsworth–Bailey Road – Lordstown WestEastbound exit and westbound entrance; opened June 1993[18]
216.4348.314B216Hallock–Young Road – Lordstown EastWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
MahoningJackson Township219.47353.20218, 219
I-76 / Ohio Turnpike east to Pennsylvania Turnpike – Akron, Pittsburgh
Signed as exit 218 eastbound and 219 westbound; left exits; eastern end of Ohio Turnpike concurrency; Ohio Turnpike exit 218; Pennsylvania Turnpike not signed eastbound
CR 18 (Mahoning Avenue)Eastbound exit only
Austintown Township223.01358.90223 SR 46 – Niles, Canfield
SR 11 south – Canfield
Western end of SR 11 concurrency; signed as exit 224 westbound
I-680 south – Youngstown
Northern terminus of I-680; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
TrumbullWeathersfield Township225.94363.62226Salt Springs Road – McDonald
Girard227.15365.56227 US 422 – Girard
Liberty Township228.32367.45228
SR 11 north – Warren, Ashtabula
Eastern end of SR 11 concurrency; signed as exit 228B westbound
SR 711 south – Youngstown
Northern terminus of SR 711; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
229 SR 193 (Belmont Avenue) / East Liberty Street
Hubbard Township234.43377.28234 US 62 / SR 7 – Hubbard, Sharon, PA
I-80 east – New York
Continuation into Pennsylvania
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes

Interstate City Notes
I-280.svg Interstate 280 Toledo Connects the Ohio Turnpike to I-75
I-480.svg Interstate 480 Cleveland Connects the Ohio Turnpike to I-271 and Cleveland
I-480N.svg Interstate 480N Cleveland Connects I-480 to I-271 north
I-680.svg Interstate 680 Youngstown Connects I-80 to the Ohio Turnpike (I-76)


  1. ^ Demolished in 2011; no plans to rebuild[10]


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