Interstate 695 (New York)

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Interstate 695

Throgs Neck Expressway
Map of the Bronx in New York City with I-695 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of I-95
Maintained by NYSDOT
Length1.4 mi[1] (2.3 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
South end I-295 in Throggs Neck
North end I-95 in Throggs Neck
CountryUnited States
StateNew York
Highway system
NY 690 NY 695

Interstate 695 (I-695) is an auxiliary Interstate Highway in the New York City borough of the Bronx. It serves as a connector between I-95 (Bruckner Expressway) and I-295 (Cross Bronx Expressway) near the Throgs Neck Bridge toward Queens and Long Island. I-695 is named the Throgs Neck Expressway.

Route description

I-695 begins at exit 10 on the Cross Bronx Expressway Extension (I-295) in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx. The highway heads to the northwest, passing through the western fringe of Weir Creek Park before descending into a cut and proceeding into Throggs Neck. Here, it connects to Randall Avenue (southbound) and Lafayette Avenue (northbound) as it makes its way northward. I-695 continues to the northern edge of the neighborhood, where it merges into the Bruckner Expressway (I-95) at its exit 7A.[3]


The Throgs Neck Expressway was completed in 1961 at a cost of $16 million (equivalent to $121 million in 2022[4]),[5] connecting the Throgs Neck Bridge to the Bruckner Expressway.[6] For years, the highway was considered (and signed as) a spur of I-78,[5] which initially followed all of modern I-295 from the Bruckner Interchange to Hillside Avenue (now New York State Route 25).[7] When this section of I-78 was renumbered to I-295 on January 1, 1970,[8] the Throgs Neck Expressway became a spur of that route.[5] In 1986, the New York State Department of Transportation resigned the Throgs Neck Expressway as I-695 to avoid driver confusion with the Cross Bronx Expressway Extension, also signed as I-295. The Federal Highway Administration formally recognized I-695 on April 7, 2008,[2] and the number was approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials on May 6, 2008.[9]

Exit list

The entire route is in the Throggs Neck neighborhood of the New York City borough of the Bronx. All exits are unnumbered.

I-295 south (Cross Bronx Expressway) – Throgs Neck Bridge, Long Island
Exit 10 on I-295
0.741.19Randall AvenueSouthbound exit only
1.041.67Lafayette AvenueNorthbound exit and entrance
I-95 north (Bruckner Expressway) – New Haven
Exit 7A on I-95
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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