List of Interstate Highways in Connecticut

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Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways
System information
Length446.33 mi (718.30 km)
NotesInterstate Highways in Connecticut maintained by ConnDOT
Highway names
InterstatesInterstate X (I-X)
US HighwaysU.S. Route X (US X)
StateRoute X
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  • Connecticut State Highway System

Interstate Highways in the U.S. state of Connecticut run a total of 446.33 miles (718.30 km). Connecticut has three primary highways and five auxiliary highways. Most of the highways are maintained by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, with the exception of Interstate 684, which is maintained by the New York State DOT.[1]

In 1957, Connecticut received approval for the routes of its three primary Interstate highways: I-84, I-91, and I-95. This plan was extended in 1959 to include I-291 and I-491. The first Interstate Highway signs were installed on a completed section of I-91 north of Hartford in 1961. The primary interstates were all completed by 1969 after the last section of I-84 opened between Farmington and Plainville. The rest of the highways were built or renumbered to their current designations by 1994 when a five-mile section of I-291 opened 35 years behind schedule. Connecticut was one of the last states in the US to raise its maximum speed limit above the former federally mandated limit of 55 mph (89 km/h). The state raised its maximum to 65 mph (105 km/h) in 1998.[2]

Though parts of the Interstate Highway System in Connecticut were previously tolled, all tolls were removed from Connecticut's highways by 1988.[2][3]

Interstate Highways

Number Length (mi)[1] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
I-82 I-84 in East Hartford Rhode Island state line east of Killingly 01956-01-011956 01968-01-011968 Early designation for the extension of I-84 from East Hartford to Providence. Re-designated as I-84 in 1968. Completed sections around Manchester and Willimantic re-designated as I-384 and US-6, respectively, in 1984 when East Hartford-Providence I-84 extension was cancelled.
I-84 97.90 157.55 I-84 at the New York state line I-84 at the Massachusetts state line 01969-01-011969 current Eastward extension from Manchester to Rhode Island cancelled; completed section around Manchester renumbered as I-384. Windham Bypass section re-designated as US-6. I-84 realigned to follow former I-86/CT-15 routing (Wilbur Cross Highway) to I-90 in Massachusetts.
I-84 BL 4.1 6.6 I-84 in Hawleyville I-84 in Sandy Hook 01960-01-011960 01979-01-011979 ran from what is today between Exits 9 & 10 along CT 25 and US 6
I-86 31.27 50.32 I-84 in East Hartford I-86 at the Massachusetts state line 01971-01-011971 01984-01-011984 Renumbered I-84 and Route 3
I-87 1.41 2.27 I-87 at the New York state line near Greenwich I-87 at the New York state line near Armonk, New York 01961-01-011961 01968-01-011968 Renumbered I-684
I-89 I-95/Connecticut Turnpike in Norwalk I-89 at the Massachusetts state line north of North Canaan 01956-01-011956 01970-07-141970 Proposed, but never completed, interstate route paralleling US-7 from Norwalk, CT to Canadian Border north of Burlington, VT. Completed freeway sections in Connecticut (through Norwalk, Danbury, and around Brookfield) designated as US-7.
I-91 58.00 93.34 I-95 in New Haven I-91 at the Massachusetts state line 01959-01-011959 current  
I-95 111.57 179.55 I-95 at the New York state line I-95 at the Rhode Island state line 01964-01-011964 current Part of the Connecticut Turnpike from the New York state line at Greenwich to Waterford.
I-284 I-84 in East Hartford I-291 in South Windsor 01976-01-011976 01983-01-011983 Unbuilt due to environmental concerns, except of a short freeway stub that serve as ramps from I-84 to Governor Street.
I-291 6.40 10.30 I-91 in Windsor I-84 in Manchester 01994-01-011994 current Partially completed Hartford Beltway (northeast quadrant). Northwest quadrant cancelled; southwest quadrant of I-291 cancelled and replaced with extension of Route 9 freeway between I-91 in Berlin to I-84 in Farmington.
I-384 8.53 13.73 I-84 / US 6 in East Hartford US 6 / US 44 in Bolton 01984-01-011984 current Designated as I-84 from its opening in 1971 to 1984.
I-395 54.69 88.02 I-95 in East Lyme I-395 at the Massachusetts state line 01968-01-011968 current Part of the Connecticut Turnpike from Waterford to Killingly; formerly designated as Route 52, and proposed as an extension to I-290. First highway (in 2015) in Connecticut and only CT interstate (as of 2017) to receive mile-based exits
I-484 I-84 in Hartford I-91 in Hartford 01968-01-011968 01983-01-011983 Became the Conlin–Whitehead Highway and unsigned SR 598
I-491 I-91 in Wethersfield I-84 in East Hartford 01958-01-011958 01973-01-011973 Parts co-signed with I-86; re-designated as Route 3
I-684 1.41 2.27 I-684 at the New York state line I-684 at the New York state line 01968-01-011968 current No intersections with other roads in Connecticut; previously designated as I-87
I-691 8.92 14.36 I-84 at SouthingtonCheshire I-91 at Meriden 01976-01-011976 current Formerly designated as US-6A, then Route 66;
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