Interstate 275 (Ohio–Indiana–Kentucky)

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Interstate 275

Cincinnati Bypass
I-275 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of I-75
Length83.71 mi[1] (134.72 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
Beltway around Cincinnati, Ohio
Major intersections
CountryUnited States
StatesKentucky, Indiana, Ohio
CountiesKY: Kenton, Boone, Campbell
IN: Dearborn
OH: Hamilton, Clermont
Highway system
  • Indiana State Highway System
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 269IN SR 301
KY 274KY KY 276
SR 274OH SR 275

Interstate 275 (I-275) is an 83.71-mile-long (134.72 km)[1] highway in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky that forms a complete beltway around the Cincinnati metropolitan area and includes a part in a state (Indiana) not entered by the parent route. It had been the only auxiliary Interstate that enters three states, but that changed in July 2018 when I-295 in Delaware and New Jersey was extended into Pennsylvania. It is the longest beltway with an Interstate highway designation in the United States,[2] enclosing an area of over 250,000 acres (100,000 ha).[3] It is also the third longest beltway overall in the United States—only the Sam Houston Tollway and the Grand Parkway encircling Greater Houston are longer. For a short distance in northwest Hamilton County, it overlaps with I-74 and US Route 52 (US 52).

I-275 is also known as the Cincinnati Bypass and officially known as the Donald H. Rolf Circle Freeway in Ohio, after a state senator,[4] but locals rarely use these names, instead simply referring to it as "275" or "the loop". In 2011, Kentucky named its segment the Ronald Reagan Highway, not to be confused with Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway across the river in Cincinnati.[5] The section in Clermont County is also designated as the Staff Sergeant Matt Maupin Veterans Memorial Highway.

Route description

I-71/I-75 to Indiana

Aerial view of I-275 near Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

I-275 heads west toward Indiana, passing by Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, with Kentucky Route 212 (KY 212) used as the service road to and from the airport. Then, near Hebron, west of the airport, I-275 has an interchange with KY 237, before passing over the Ohio River into Indiana.


In Indiana, I-275 passes through a rural area with only one interchange at US 50/State Road 1 (SR 1). I-275 heads northeast toward Ohio; at the Ohio state line, I-275 passes over US 50.


Along I-275 on its northeast side

I-275 heads northeast toward Springdale, and I-275 runs concurrently with I-74 and US 52. When the concurrency ends, I-275 has an intersection with State Route 126 (SR 126, Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway). Then, I-275 has interchanges with US 27 and US 127. I-275 turns east, having an interchange with SR 4, SR 747, I-75, and US 42. I-275 turns southeast, having an interchange with I-71 and US 22/SR 3. I-275 passes over the Little Miami River, entering Clermont County, where it is officially named in honor of Keith Matthew Maupin, a local soldier killed during the Iraq War. I-275 turns due south toward Milford and connects with SR 28, SR 450, SR 32, and SR 125. I-275 turns due west toward Kentucky, passing through a short concurrency with US 52, before crossing over the Ohio River into Kentucky.

Ohio to I-71/I-75

From Ohio, I-275 heads southwest toward Highland Heights. I-275 has an interchange with I-471 near Highland Heights. I-275 turns due west toward Crestview Hills, passing through an interchange with KY 9, KY 16, and KY 17. In Crestview Hills, I-275 has an interchange with US 25/US 42/US 127. I-275 turns northeast toward I-71/I-75.


I-74/I-275 bridge crash

On May 20, 2008, a tractor-trailer hauling a locomotive separated while traveling on the ramp from westbound I-74 to southbound I-275. After the trailer detached, it crashed into supports for the bridge on I-74 eastbound going over the ramps between I-275 and I-74 westbound. As a result, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) shut down eastbound I-74 for several weeks.[6] Both ramps between I-74 west and I-275 were closed as well because of fears the bridge would collapse, but two crossovers were built so that traffic could use one lane of westbound I-74 to travel east around the damaged bridge.[7]

Exit list

84 I-71 / I-75 – Louisville, Lexington, CincinnatiI-71/75 exit 185
Boone2.0273.2622Mineola Pike
KY 212 to KY 20 – Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Signed as exits 4A (east) and 4B (west) westbound
Hebron7.02811.3106 KY 237 (North Bend Road) – HebronSigned as exits 6A (north) and 6B (south) westbound; former exit 8; exit 7 until 2001
8Graves RoadOpened in November 2020
KY 3608 to KY 20 – Petersburg
I-275 west becomes north inner; I-275 south to east outer
Ohio River13.85822.302Carroll Lee Cropper Bridge; Kentucky–Indiana state line
IndianaDearbornLawrenceburg Township15.1324.3516

SR 1 north to US 50 – Lawrenceburg, Greendale, Aurora, Brookville
Southern terminus of SR 1; access to Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg, Rising Star Casino and Belterra Casino
 17.0227.39Indiana–Ohio state line
OhioHamiltonWhitewater Township20.9933.7821Kilby Road – Harrison

I-74 west / US 52 west – Indianapolis
South end of I-74 / US 52 overlap; I-74 exit 5
27.0243.4827 SR 128 (Hamilton–Cleves Road) – Hamilton, ClevesI-275 north becomes east inner; I-275 west becomes south outer
Colerain Township27.8244.7728

I-74 east / US 52 east – Cincinnati
East end of I-74 / US 52 overlap; I-74 exit 9
31Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway east / Blue Rock RoadComplete access formed by two partial interchanges: eastbound exit and westbound entrance at Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway; westbound exit and eastbound, westbound entrances at Blue Rock Road
33.0453.1733 US 27 / SR 126 (Colerain Avenue) – OxfordAccess to Northgate Mall
Colerain TownshipSpringfield Township
Forest Park tripoint
36 US 127 (Hamilton Avenue) – Forest Park, Fairfield
Forest Park38.2561.5639Winton Road – Fairfield, GreenhillsAccess to Forest Fair Village; westbound exit is split into separate north and south exits attached via collector/distributor lane
Springdale40.4065.0241 SR 4 (Dixie Highway) – Springdale, Fairfield, Hamilton
41.4066.6342 SR 747 (Princeton Pike) – Springdale, GlendaleSigned as exits 42A (south) and 42B (north) westbound; access to Tri-County Mall
Sharonville42.7468.7843 I-75 (Millcreek Expressway) – Dayton, CincinnatiSigned as exits 43A (south) and 43B (north); I-75 exit 16
43.4769.9644Mosteller Road – Sharonville
45.3673.0046 US 42 (Lebanon Road) – Sharonville, West Chester, Mason
46.8175.3347Reed Hartman Highway – Sharonville, Blue Ash
Montgomery48.2477.6349 I-71 – Columbus, CincinnatiI-71 north exit 17, south exits 17A-B; signed as exits 49A (south) & 49B (north) westbound
Sycamore TownshipMontgomery line49.2279.2150 US 22 / SR 3 (Montgomery Road) – Montgomery, Morrow
Symmes Township51.8683.4652Loveland–Madeira Road – Loveland, Indian Hill, Madeira
ClermontMiami Township54.3087.3954Wards Corner RoadI-275 east becomes south inner; I-275 north becomes west outer
57.3192.2357 SR 28 – Milford, Blanchester
Union Township59.2095.2759
SR 450 (Milford Parkway) to US 50 – Milford, Hillsboro
Signed as exits 59A (west) and 59B (east); southbound exit uses collector/distributor lane
63.42102.0663 SR 32 – Newtown, BataviaAccess to Eastgate Mall
65.91106.0765 SR 125 (Ohio Pike) – AmeliaI-275 south becomes west inner; I-275 east becomes north outer
HamiltonAnderson Township68.83110.7769Five Mile Road
US 52 east (Kellogg Avenue) – New Richmond
East end of US 52 overlap
US 52 west (Kellogg Avenue) – Cincinnati
West end of US 52 overlap; access to Belterra Park
Ohio River73.061117.580Combs–Hehl Bridge; Ohio–Kentucky state line
KentuckyCampbellHighland Heights74.857120.47174

I-471 north / KY 471 south to US 27 – Cincinnati, Alexandria, Highland Heights
Southern terminus of I-471, exits 1A-B; northern terminus of KY-471; signed as exits 74A (south) and 74B (north)
Highland HeightsWilder line75.454121.43176Three Mile Road – Wilder, Northern Kentucky UniversityAccess to Northern Kentucky University; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Wilder77.097124.07677 KY 9 (AA Hwy.) – Wilder, Maysville, Alexandria
KentonTaylor Mill78.779126.78379 KY 16 (Taylor Mill Road) – Covington, Taylor Mill
Fort Wright79.970128.69980 KY 17 (Madison Pike) – Covington, Independence
Crestview Hills82.030132.01482 KY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Road) – Lakeside Park, Crestview Hills,Access to Thomas More University; leads to Edgewood
82.503132.77683 US 25 / US 42 / US 127 (Dixie Highway) – Erlanger, Florence
84 I-71 / I-75 – Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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