Illinois Route 13

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Illinois Route 13

IL 13 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length151.54 mi[1][2] (243.88 km)
ExistedNovember 5, 1918[3]–present
Major junctions
West end IL 157 / IL 163 in Centreville
Major intersections US 51 in Carbondale
I-57 in Marion
US 45 / IL 34 in Harrisburg
East end KY 56 in Old Shawneetown
CountryUnited States
CountiesSt. Clair, Washington, Randolph, Perry, Jackson, Williamson, Saline, Gallatin
Highway system
US 12 US 14

Illinois Route 13 (IL 13) is a major east–west state route in southern Illinois. Illinois 13 has its western terminus at Centreville at Illinois Route 157 and its eastern terminus at the Kentucky state line and the Ohio River, at Kentucky Route 56. This is a distance of 151.54 miles (243.88 km).[1]

Route description

Centreville to Carbondale

Illinois 13 runs southeast from the St. Louis, Missouri area to Carbondale. It is the main highway between these two cities. Starting in Centreville, IL 13 begins at the IL 157/IL 163 junction. Immediately, IL 13 travels southeast along IL 157. At the next junction, IL 157 branches off northeast. At this point, IL 13 largely parallels the IL 15 expressway. In Belleville, IL 13 meets IL 15 at an incomplete parclo. Continuing southeast, IL 13 largely serves Belleville's business district, unlike the expressway. It then meets IL 15 again and IL 158 at a dumbbell interchange. After that, IL 13 runs concurrently with IL 158. They then intersect IL 159 above Richland Creek. They soon separated from each other. IL 13 turns southeast to connect and then run concurrently with IL 15.

Both routes then turn south towards Freeburg along a four-lane divided highway. At the village limit of Freeburg, the road downgrades into a four-lane undivided highway. Then, the road downgrades into a three-lane roadway in the village. IL 15 then breaks away eastward from IL 13. IL 13 continues southward towards New Athens. Just west of New Athens, as IL 13 curves southeastward, it intersects IL 156. After that, it crosses a bridge over the Kaskaskia River. It then passes through Lenzburg, Marissa (where IL 4 starts to follow along IL 13), Whiteoak, Tilden (where IL 13 branches eastward away from IL 4), Coulterville (where IL 153 briefly runs concurrently with IL 13), Swanwick, Winkle, and Pinckneyville.

In Pinckneyville, IL 13 turns east along IL 154. At the Perry County Courthouse and the Perry County Jail, IL 13 turns south, leaving IL 154 and joining IL 127. Both IL 13 and IL 127 then pass through the Pyramid State Recreation Area, Pyatts (where they intersect IL 152), and Vergennes. Then, IL 4 intersects IL 13 once again. In Murphysboro, IL 149 joins the concurrency. Continuing south, IL 13 turns eastward, leaving the concurrency. At this point, IL 13 skirts the northern edge of the Shawnee Hills and the Shawnee National Forest. It then crosses the Big Muddy River as a four-lane divided highway. Near downtown Carbondale, the road then becomes a six-lane divided highway, then undivided, and then a seven-lane undivided highway. The route then splits into a one-way pair (westbound traffic serves Main Street; eastbound traffic serves Walnut Street). It then intersects US 51 as another one-way pair.[2]

Carbondale to Kentucky state line

IL 13 looking west near Harrisburg

After passing through Carbondale, IL 13 then proceeds to pass through Carterville, Crainville, and Herrin. It then intersects IL 148 southwest of the Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois. In Marion, it then meets I-57 at a SPUI and then IL 37 at a signalized intersection. Beyond that, IL 13 intersects IL 166 in between Marion and Crab Orchard. It then proceeds eastward towards Harrisburg. In Harrisburg, IL 34 runs concurrently with IL 13 before intersecting with US 45. At that point, IL 34 turns south along US 45. Near Equality, IL 13 intersects IL 142. In between Equality and Junction, it then intersects IL 1. Then, the route continues eastward through Shawneetown and then Old Shawneetown before crossing the Shawneetown Bridge over the Ohio River. At that point, IL 13 becomes KY 56.


The state of Illinois was founded in 1818. One of its first governmental tasks was the construction of primitive dirt roads between the three pioneer villages of Cahokia, Kaskaskia, and Shawneetown. Illinois Route 13 is a distant descendant of most of the Cahokia-Shawneetown route and has a claim to be one of the oldest state highways in Illinois.

Illinois Route 13 did not take its current physical form, though, until after the enactment of the Good Roads Movement paving program in 1918. The statewide plan standardized the alignment of this road and numbered it Illinois 13.

Except for a few alignment changes, Illinois 13 has remained the same since its inception in 1918. In 1937 it was rerouted around Sparta (now Illinois Route 4 and Illinois Route 154), replacing a large chunk of Illinois Route 152 in the process.[4][5][6]

Another reroute took place between 1944 and 1947 when Illinois 13 took over a new highway (then called U.S. Route 460) in and around Belleville. The old route became Alternate Illinois 13. In 1947 it was moved back to Bond Avenue. Later, U.S. 460 would be dropped and replaced with Illinois Route 15.[3]

Harrisburg Bypass

To address congestion in downtown Harrisburg, the Illinois Department of Transportation undertook a project to build the Bill Franks Bypass, a new four-lane road to reroute IL 13 around the city center. The bypass was named in 2011 after a prominent local businessman and philanthropist.[7] In October 2010, the first section of the bypass opened on the north side of Harrisburg, between Illinois Route 34 and U.S. 45,[8] and IL 34 was rerouted on this portion of the bypass. The remaining section of the bypass west of IL 34, replacing IL 13's former route along busy Poplar Street, opened in April 2012.[9]

Major intersections

St. ClairCentreville0.00.0
IL 157 south / IL 163 (Camp Jackson Road) – Cahokia, East St. Louis, St. Louis Downtown Airport
West end of IL 157 overlap
IL 157 north – Caseyville
roundabout; east end of IL 157 overlap
Belleville3.25.1 IL 15 – East St. Louis, Mount Vernoninterchange; no access from IL 13 east to IL 15 west or IL 15 east to IL 13 west

IL 158 west (Centreville Avenue) to IL 15 – Columbia
roundabout; west end of IL 158 overlap
8.914.3 IL 159 (South Illinois Street) – Collinsville, Red Bud

IL 158 east / IL 177 east – Scott AFB
East end of IL 158 overlap
IL 15 west – East St. Louis
interchange; west end of IL 15 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
IL 15 east (Urbanna Drive) – Mount Vernon
East end of IL 15 overlap
IL 156 west – Hecker
IL 4 north – Mascoutah, St. Libory
West end of IL 4 overlap
IL 4 south – Sparta
East end of IL 4 overlap

IL 153 north to IL 15
West end of IL 153 overlap
IL 153 south – Eden
East end of IL 153 overlap
IL 154 west – Sparta
West end of IL 154 overlap

IL 127 north (Main Street) / IL 154 east (Water Street) – Nashville
East end of IL 154 overlap; west end of IL 127 overlap
IL 152 east – Du Quoin, Pyramid State Park
IL 4 north / Truax Traer Road – Ava
IL 149 east (Sixth Street) – De Soto
West end of IL 149 overlap

IL 127 south / IL 149 west / Lincoln Heritage Trail (Southern Branch) (Walnut Street) – Jonesboro, Chester
East end of IL 127 / IL 149 overlap; west end of Lincoln Heritage Trail overlap
US 51 south (University Avenue) – SIU, Anna
US 51 north (Illinois Avenue) – Du Quoin
WilliamsonHerrinMarion line100.0160.9 IL 148 – Herrin, Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge Information
Marion103166 I-57 – Mount Vernon, CairoI-57 exit 54
105169 IL 37 (Court Street) / Lincoln Heritage Trail (Southern Branch) – Johnston City, Cairoeast end of Lincoln Heritage Trail overlap
IL 166 south / Pittsburg Road – Pittsburg, Creal Springs
IL 34 north (North Main Street) – Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport, Business District
West end of IL 34 overlap
US 45 / IL 34 south (Commercial Street)
East end of IL 34 overlap
Gallatin137220 IL 142 / Lincoln Heritage Trail (Southern Branch) – Eldorado, Equality, Saline County Fish and Wildlife Area, Garden of the Godswest end of Lincoln Heritage Trail overlap
141227 IL 1 – Omaha, Cave in Rock, Shawnee National Forest Recreation Areas, Cave in Rock State Park
Old Shawneetown Lincoln Heritage Trail (Southern Branch) – Old Shawneetown, Shawneetown Bank State Historic Siteeast end of Lincoln Heritage Trail overlap
Ohio River151.54243.88Shawneetown Bridge

KY 56 east – Morganfield
Continuation into Kentucky
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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