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i-Zoom logo from 2007 until September 2012

i-Zoom was the former name for the electronic toll collection system used on the Indiana Toll Road (ITR), which now uses the E-ZPass system. On June 27, 2007, the system was implemented from mile 1 to mile 23 of the road under the unique branding of "i-Zoom", which was fully compatible with E-ZPass and the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority's I-Pass system; the remaining toll plazas came online on April 1, 2008, with increased cash toll rates. i-Zoom transponders were then made available for purchase at service plazas and CVS/pharmacy locations in northern Indiana.[1][2] As of September 2012, the i-Zoom branding was retired by the ITR for the universal E-ZPass branding used by most states in the E-ZPass system; outside of the implementation of a transponder with a smaller form factor and the removal of the i-Zoom logo from post-September 2012 transponder units, along with a website upgrade in 2014, no other changes to transponders or accounts are planned.

Compatibility with intrastate toll systems

The Indiana E-ZPass system is compatible with both the ISTHA's I-Pass and the E-ZPass systems used throughout the Eastern Seaboard states, and by the neighboring Ohio Turnpike, which opened their E-ZPass system at the beginning of September 2009.[3] The Indiana Toll Road and the ISTHA entered into a reciprocal agreement whereby holders of either the i-Zoom or I-Pass receive a discount on tolls in either state, as well as E-ZPass users, and it is likewise the case between the ITR and Ohio Turnpike Commission.[4] Toll discounts are currently not offered with electronic tolling on the Skyway. The discount to I-Pass users is subsidized by the State of Indiana rather than by the ITR's operator.[5][6]

There are issues with the reciprocal use of I-PASS by Illinois motorists and E-ZPass Indiana motorists on the other state's toll road. Each state charges the other a transaction fee when the out-of-state transponder is used to pay a toll. About 70 percent of all electronic transactions on the ITR are done with I-PASS transponders, according to Illinois Tollway Authority figures. Until January 1, 2010, the fee was absorbed, with I-PASS users paying twice as many Indiana tolls as E-ZPass Indiana users paying Illinois tolls. To address this imbalance, the ITR began charging E-ZPass Indiana users a 3¢ surcharge on each of their Indiana Toll Road tolls, effective January 1, 2010.[5] The ITR has signage which states the Illinois Tollway is charging the additional fee to I-PASS users, but this is incorrect since the Illinois Tollway is only able to charge tolls or fees on Illinois Tollways.[7] The 3¢ surcharge, rather, was a business decision by ITR Concession Company, the private company that operates the Indiana Toll Road, to recoup money lost as a result of the Illinois Tollway billing the ITRCC for a variety of customer service costs and the uneven amount of electronic transactions in the two states.[5][7]

Purchasing and care

As of 2012, while the ITR encouraged users to either purchase an E-ZPass ITR transponder or to move their business from the I-Pass system, the cost of a transponder was $10, with that price (or $8 of it if bought via retail) immediately credited as a starting balance for the tag. Due to the low price and pre-paid deposit amount, Indiana's implementation is the lowest-priced transponder currently in the E-ZPass system.[8] If users of both the I-Pass and Indiana's E-ZPass systems have both transponders, unshielded, in their vehicle, the system will charge a toll on both devices—double payment—at a toll plaza; the storage bag which comes in the device's welcome kit is metallic and acts as a Faraday cage if one of the transponders is kept in it, preventing it from incorrectly being detected by the toll plaza's system.


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