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State Trunk Highway 32

32nd Division Memorial Highway[1]
WIS 32 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by WisDOT
Length325.69 mi[2][3][4] (524.15 km)
Lake Michigan Circle Tour
Major junctions
South end IL 137 in Pleasant Prairie
Major intersections
North end US 45 in Land O' Lakes
CountryUnited States
CountiesKenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Calumet, Brown, Shawano, Oconto, Forest, Oneida, Vilas
Highway system
WIS 31 WIS 33

State Trunk Highway 32 (often called Highway 32, STH-32 or WIS 32) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin that runs north–south in the eastern part of the state. It runs from the Illinois border (at Illinois Route 137, IL&nbssp;137) north to the Michigan border (concurrent with U.S. Highway 45, US ). It is named the 32nd Division Memorial Highway after the 32nd Infantry Division, and the highway shields have red arrows—the division's logo—on either side of the number 32.[1] The route of WIS 32 and the Red Arrow marking is set in state statute by the Wisconsin Legislature.[5]

Route description

Illinois state line to Milwaukee

32nd Division Infantry sign in Racine County

At the Illinois state line, IL 137 ends while WIS 32 begins as a continuation of it. From then on, it intersects WIS 165, WIS 50 and WIS 158 in Kenosha, and WIS 11 in Racine. Then, as WIS 32 nearly reaches Racine, Sheridan Road ends and continues as Racine Street. Then, in downtown Racine, WIS 20 runs concurrently with WIS 32 for 10 blocks. Also, east of the roundabout, the concurrency splits into a one-way pair (6th Street westbound; 7th Street eastbound). At Main Street, WIS 32 turns north while WIS 20 ends there. South of the bascule bridge, WIS 32 intersects WIS 38. After the crossing, it bends west at Hamilton Street and then north at Douglas Avenue. Further north, it intersects WIS 31 in the middle of Oak Creek and Racine and WIS 100 in Oak Creek. In South Milwaukee, it bends east from Chicago Avenue via Marquette Avenue, crossing under a 12 feet (3.7 m) railroad overpass, and then back north via 10th Avenue. At the South Milwaukee-Cudahy town line, WIS 32 turns east via College Avenue and then back north again via Lake Drive. In St. Francis, it turns west via Howard Avenue and then back north again via Kinnickinnic Avenue.[3]


In the Bay View neighborhood, it crosses under Lake Parkway (WIS 794) without a direct interchange and a railroad overpasses. At another bascule bridge near another neighborhood called Harbor View, it crosses over the Kinnickinnic River and then crosses under another railroad overpass. In this neighborhood, it transitions into 1st Street. Then, it intersects WIS 59 and then bends east via Pittsburgh Avenue just north of the two overpasses. After another bascule bridge, it enters the Historic Third Ward where it briefly transitions into Young Street. It then travels north via Milwaukee Street, following part of the streetcar route. At this point, WIS 32 splits again, this time as a two-way pair.

For northbound traffic, it continues north until it reaches Wells Street where it turns east. Between Michigan and Wells Streets, westbound US 18 concurrently follows northbound WIS 32. It then travels north via Prospect Avenue. It then reaches State Street where the split ends.

For southbound traffic, it diverges west via State Street. Then, it travels south via Broadway and then east via St Paul Avenue. This time, US 18 concurrently follows two sections of southbound WIS 32. There is one on State Street between Milwaukee Street and Broadway (for westbound US 18) and another between Wells and Michigan Streets (eastbound US 18). Both directions cross under Interstate 794 east of the Marquette Interchange.[6]

After that, another split happens. This time, it is another one-way pair. Northbound traffic continues to follow Prospect Avenue. On the other hand, southbound traffic continues to follow Bradford Avenue, then Farwell Avenue, and then Franklin Place. WIS 32 then turns north onto Lake Drive.[3]

Milwaukee to Green Bay

In Shorewood, WIS 32 intersects WIS 190. In Bayside, WIS 32 bends west, leaving Lake Drive northward. As a result, WIS 32 transitions into Brown Deer Road. At the cloverleaf interchange, WIS 100 ends where WIS 32 merges onto I-43. They come across WIS 57/WIS 167 at a diamond interchange (only WIS 57 travels concurrently with the other two routes), and WIS 60 at another diamond interchange. At another diamond interchange (exit 93), WIS 32 diverged in favor of serving Port Washington. In Port Washington, it intersects WIS 33, turns east onto Grand Avenue, then turns north onto Franklin Street, and then shifts west onto Wisconsin Street. In Knellsville, WIS 32 travels back and merge onto I-43 (WIS 57 already left I-43 north of Saukville). It eventually leaves I-43 east of Cedar Grove. Further north, it intersects WIS 28 at a roundabout, goes through Sheboygan Falls, intersects WIS 23 at a diamond interchange, and WIS 42 (which turns northwest).[3] In Millhome, WIS 57 then follows another concurrency with WIS 32. They then intersect WIS 67 in Kiel, US 151 in Chilton (which briefly runs concurrently with them), WIS 114 in Hilbert, US 10 at a roundabout in Forest Junction, and WIS 96 at another roundabout in Greenleaf. In De Pere, WIS 32 branches off west from WIS 57. It then turns north from Main Avenue to Eighth Street. It intersects another roundabout that leads to I-41 southbound. It also intersects two separate roads that lead to WIS 172 freeway. It then merges onto westbound Mason Street (WIS 54) from a diamond interchange.[4]

Green Bay to Michigan state line

WIS 32 then leaves WIS 54 at the dumbbell interchange and then briefly enters I-41. It then branches off west from I-41 at the directional T interchange. WIS 29 then merges onto a limited–access road where WIS 32 runs; concurring with WIS 32. WIS 32 then branches off north from the WIS 29 expressway (which intersects WIS 156). Further north, WIS 32 intersects with WIS 160 in Pulaski, then runs concurrently with WIS 22 at Gillett and then with WIS 64, and then intersects WIS 52 at Wabeno.[4] Also, it then runs concurrently with US 8 and WIS 55 from Laona to Crandon and Crandon to Argonne respectively. Going further northwest, it eventually runs concurrently with US 45 for the rest of the route. As they reach Eagle River, they run concurrently with WIS 70; turning west and then north again. Not only that, they run concurrently with WIS 17 as well after WIS 70 branches off west. They continue north until they reach the state line where WIS 32 ends.[4]


Former shield with no red arrows

Initially, WIS 32 ran from WIS 14 (now WIS 55/US 8) in Crandon to WIS 10 (now US 51) near Arbor Vitae via parts of present-day WIS 32 and WIS 70.[2][7] In 1919, WIS 32 moved away from WIS 10 near Arbor Vitae to M-26 at the Michigan state line in State Line (now Land O' Lakes). That same year, WIS 32 extended from Crandon to Green Bay via most of present-day WIS 32.[2][8] In 1923, WIS 26 replaced the northernmost part of WIS 32 from Eagle River to Michigan state line. That same year, WIS 32 extended south and then southeast to Sheboygan. The southern extension roughly followed parts of present-day WIS 57, CTH-PP, CTH-W, US 151, WIS 67, WIS 32, and WIS 42.[9]

In 1935, US 45 extended north from Des Plaines, Illinois, to Ontonagon, Michigan. In Wisconsin, it followed most of WIS 26.[10]

In 1951, WIS 32 had undergone significant changes. It was designated as the 32nd Division Memorial Highway. The WIS 32 markers had since contained two red arrows pointing up (the only state trunk highway to have that in Wisconsin). It also became a state-to-state highway. That means that it brought back the northernmost portion of it but did not remove US 45. WIS 42 was also replaced south of Howards Grove as part of the designation, giving WIS 32 the routing WIS 42 formerly served in Port Washington, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Illinois instead of Sheboygan.[2][11] In the 1980s, WIS 32 from Kiel to De Pere was pushed westward to run concurrently with more sections of WIS 57. This was done in favor of transferring part of it from state maintenance to local control (now signed as CTH-W/CTH-PP).[2]

Major intersections

KenoshaPleasant Prairie0.00.0
IL 137 / LMCT south (Sheridan Road)

CR A1 west (Russell Road)
Southern terminus of WIS 32; continues into Illinois as IL 137/LMCT
WIS 165 west
Eastern terminus of WIS 165

WIS 50 west (63rd Street) to I-94
Eastern terminus of WIS 50
WIS 158 (52nd Street) to I-94
WIS 11 west
Eastern terminus of WIS 11
WIS 20 west (Washington Avenue)
Southern end of WIS 20 concurrency

WIS 20 west (7th Street/6th Street)
Northern end of WIS 20 concurrency; eastern terminus of WIS 20
WIS 38 north (State Street)
Southern terminus of WIS 38
WIS 31 south
Northern terminus of WIS 31
MilwaukeeOak Creek28.045.1

WIS 100 west to I-94
Eastern (southern) terminus of WIS 100
WIS 59 west
Eastern terminus of WIS 59
I-794 (East–West Freeway/Lake Freeway)No direct access to westbound I-794 and from I-794 eastbound

US 18 east (Michigan Street)
Southern end of US 18 concurrency

US 18 west
Northern end of US 18 concurrency; runs concurrently with southbound WIS 32 on State Street (between Milwaukee Street and Broadway) and Broadway (between Wells and Michigan Streets); runs concurrently with northbound WIS 32 on Milwaukee Street (between Michigan and Wells Streets)
WIS 190 west (Capitol Drive)
Eastern terminus of WIS 190
BaysideRiver Hills line54.788.082A-B

I-43 south (North–South Freeway) / WIS 100 west (Brown Deer Road)
Eastern (northern) terminus of WIS 100; southern end of I-43 concurrency
county line
BaysideRiver Hills
Mequon tripoint
83 CTH-W (Port Washington Road)Northbound exit; southbound entrance

WIS 57 south / WIS 167 west (Mequon Road)
Southern end of WIS 57 concurrency; eastern terminus of WIS 167
61.999.689 CTH-C – Cedarburg

WIS 60 west / CTH-Q east – Grafton
Eastern terminus of WIS 60

I-43 north / WIS 57 north / CTH-V south – Green Bay, Plymouth, Grafton
Northern end of I-43/WIS 57 concurrency
Port Washington69.9112.5
WIS 33 west (Grand Avenue)
Eastern terminus of WIS 33
Port WashingtonKnellsville line72.4116.5100

I-43 south / CTH-H west – Milwaukee, Fredonia
Southern end of I-43 concurrency
Belgium79.1127.3107 CTH-D – Belgium
SheboyganCedar Grove84.4135.8113
I-43 north / LMCT – Green Bay
Northern end of I-43/LMCT concurrency
Sheboygan Falls95.9154.3
WIS 28 to I-43
98.5158.5 WIS 23 – Sheboygan, Fond du LacInterchange
Howards Grove104.7168.5 WIS 42 – Sheboygan, Manitowoc
WIS 57 south – Milwaukee
Southern end of WIS 57 concurrency; no access from northbound WIS 32 to southbound WIS 57
Kiel116.3187.2 WIS 67
US 151 north – Manitowoc
Southern end of US 151 concurrency
US 151 south – Fond du Lac, Madison
Northern end of US 151 concurrency
WIS 114 west – Sherwood, Menasha, Neenah
Eastern terminus of WIS 114
Forest Junction141.1227.1 US 10 – Manitowoc, Appleton
BrownGreenleaf148.9239.6 WIS 96 – Wrightstown, Denmark
De Pere158.0254.3 CTH-PP – ReedsvilleNorthbound entrance; southbound exit

WIS 57 north / CTH-G / CTH-X north – Reedsville
Northern end of WIS 57 concurrency

I-41 south / US 41 south / Glory Road
No access to northbound I-41 and from southbound I-41
To WIS 172
Green Bay164.8265.2

WIS 54 east (Mason Street) to WIS 57
Southern end of WIS 54 concurrency

I-41 south / US 41 south / WIS 54 west (Mason Street) – Appleton
Northern end of WIS 54 concurrency; southern end of I-41/US 41 concurrency

I-41 north / US 41 north to WIS 29 east (Shawano Avenue) – Marinette
Northern end of I-41/US 41 concurrency
WIS 29 east / CTH-EB – Green Bay
Southern end of WIS 29 concurrency; southbound exit; northbound entrance
HowardHobart line171.6276.2255 CTH-FF – Howard, Hobart

WIS 29 west / WIS 156 west – Wausau, Clintonville
Northern end of WIS 29 concurrency; eastern terminus of WIS 156
WIS 160 west – Angelica
Eastern terminus of WIS 160
WIS 22 north – Oconto Falls
Southern end of WIS 22 concurrency
WIS 22 south – Shawano
Northern end of WIS 22 concurrency
WIS 64 east – Marinette
Southern end of WIS 64 concurrency
WIS 64 west – Antigo
Northern end of WIS 64 concurrency
WIS 52 west – Lily
Eastern terminus of WIS 52
US 8 east – Armstrong Creek
Southern end of US 8 concurrency
WIS 55 south – Mole Lake, Shawano
Southern end of WIS 55 concurrency
US 8 west – Rhinelander
Northern end of US 8 concurrency
WIS 55 north – Iron River, Michigan
Northern end of WIS 55 concurrency
OneidaThree Lakes296.9477.8
US 45 south – Monico
Southern end of US 45 concurrency
VilasEagle River306.3492.9
WIS 70 east – Florence
Southern end of WIS 70 concurrency

WIS 70 west / WIS 17 south – St. Germain, Rhinelander
Northern end of WIS 70 concurrency; southern end of WIS 17 concurrency
WIS 17 north – Phelps
Northern end of WIS 17 concurrency
Land O' Lakes325.69524.15
US 45 north
Northern terminus of WIS 32; road continues into Michigan as US 45
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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