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This is a tracking category for book and encyclopedia citations implemented with {{citation}} templates and for book and encyclopedia citations implemented with {{cite book}} and {{cite encyclopedia}}. To be included in this category, those templates must include:

  • |location=, |place=, or |publication-place=
  • |date= or |year= with a year-value of 1850 onwards

but must not include:

  • |publisher=.

These constraints attempt to acknowledge that many 'old' books and encyclopediae weren't published in the same way as they would be today. For those cases where a post 1850 book or encyclopedia does not have a publisher, set |publisher=none to suppress this categorization.

Pages in this category should only be added by Module:Citation/CS1.

Pages with this condition are automatically placed in Category:CS1 maint: location missing publisher.[a]

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