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IndustryElectronic toll collection
Area served
Puerto Rico

AutoExpreso is an electronic toll collection system used on tollways in the United States territory of Puerto Rico.[1] The system uses passive transponders[citation needed] where payment status is indicated by a light at the toll plazas. In 2012, AutoExpreso became the exclusive form of payment on most of Puerto Rico's tollways, with cash no longer being accepted.[citation needed] However, until 2015, cash was still accepted on PR-5 and PR-22 due to the privatization of those tollways.[citation needed]

In addition to window transponders, a card form of AutoExpreso known as MóvilCash is also available.[citation needed] AutoExpreso is not interoperable with other electronic toll collection systems outside Puerto Rico (such as E-ZPass in the northeastern United States or SunPass in Florida).

Accepting tollways


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