Arkansas Highway 50

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Highway 50

AR 50 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ArDOT
Section 1
Length27.96 mi[1] (45.00 km)
West end CR 415 near Madison
Major intersections
East end AR 147 near Anthonyville
Section 2
Length15.84 mi[1] (25.49 km)
West end US 70
Major intersections
East end AR 77 in Clarkedale
CountryUnited States
CountiesSt. Francis, Crittenden
Highway system
US 49 AR 51

Highway 50 (AR 50, Ark. 50, or Hwy. 50) is a designation for two east–west state highways in northeast Arkansas. A western route of 27.96 miles (45.00 km) runs east from St. Francis County Route 415 (CR 415) to Highway 147 near Anthonyville.[2] A second route of 15.84 miles (25.49 km) begins at US Route 70 (US 70) and runs east to Highway 77 in Clarkedale.[3]

Route description

Forrest City to Anthonyville

Highway 50 begins at CR 415 north of Forrest City and runs south across Interstate 40 (I-40), although there is no interchange. The route continues south to Madison where it intersects US 70. The highway then crosses over the St. Francis River to enter Widener, where a concurrency begins with Highway 38. The two routes run together east to serve as the southern terminus of Highway 75 before Highway 38 splits south to Hughes. Continuing east, a short concurrency begins with Highway 149, ending near Greasy Corner. Highway 50 runs east to serve as the southern terminus of Highway 357 before a junction with US 79 on the Crittenden County line. Shortly after entering Crittenden County, Highway 50 terminates at Highway 147 south of Anthonyville.

US 70 to Clarkedale

Highway 50 begins northwest of Edmondson at US 70, which acts as a frontage road for I-40/US 63/US 79. The route runs north across Highway 218 to Crawfordsville. In Crawfordsville, Highway 50 briefly overlaps US 64B before crossing US 64 just north of town. The highway continues north before later turning east to a junction with I-55/US 61/US 63 in Clarkedale. The route terminates just east of this interchange at Highway 77 in Clarkedale.

Major intersections

St. Francis0.000.00 CR 415
Madison2.273.65 US 70
Bridge over St. Francis River
AR 38 west
West end of AR 38 overlap
AR 75 north
AR 38 east – Hughes
East end of AR 38 overlap
AR 149 north
West end of AR 149 overlap
Greasy Corner21.2334.17
AR 149 south – Hughes
East end of AR 149 overlap
AR 357 north
US 79 to US 70 – Hughes
Crittenden96 Corner27.9645.00
AR 147 to I-40 – Horseshoe Lake
Gap in route
0.000.00 US 70 – West Memphis, Forrest City
AR 218 to AR 147 – Shearerville
Bucklake RoadFormer AR 306 east
US 64B east (Old Highway 64)
South end of US 64B overlap
0.000.00 US 64 – Earle, MarionNorth end of US 64B overlap
Clarkedale9.4115.14 I-55 / US 61 / US 78 – Blytheville, MemphisI-55 exit 16
10.3316.62 AR 77 / Great River Road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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