U.S. Route 11 in Alabama

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U.S. Route 11

Route information
Maintained by ALDOT
Length250.671 mi[1] (403.416 km)
Major junctions
South end US 11 / US 80 at the Mississippi state line near Cuba
Major intersections
North end US 11 / SR 58 at Georgia state line near Sulphur Springs
CountryUnited States
CountiesSumter, Greene, Tuscaloosa, Bibb, Jefferson, St. Clair, Etowah, DeKalb
Highway system
  • Alabama State Highway System
SR 10 SR 12
SR 6SR 7 SR 8

U.S. Route 11 (US 11) runs southwest to northeast across northcentral Alabama for 250.671 miles (403.416 km). It enters the state from Mississippi concurrent with US 80 and exits into Georgia east of Sulphur Springs. US 11 runs through the major cities of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, as well as the smaller cities and towns of Cuba, York, Livingston, Epes, Boligee, Eutaw, Cottondale, Coaling, Woodstock, Bessemer, Brighton, Midfield, Trussville, Argo, Springville, Ashville, Steele, Attalla, Reece City, and Collinsville. State Route 7 (SR 7) is designated along the entire route but unsigned.

Aside from portions within major cities and towns, US 11 is largely a rural two-lane road. The route has been largely supplanted by Interstate 59 (I-59), as well as I-20 between Mississippi and Birmingham.

Route description

Mississippi state line to Tuscaloosa

Starting at the Mississippi state line, US 11, along with US 80, travel northeast toward Cuba. In this location, US 80 turns eastward onto a four-lane divided highway. Continuing on US 11, it intersects SR 17 in York, SR 28 in Livingston (where the University of West Alabama is located), and SR 39 near Epes. After traversing through Epes, US 11 crosses above the Tombigbee River south of Fort Tombecbe, part of the Tennessee–Tombigbee Waterway.

Going further, US 11 traverses through Boligee and then through Eutaw. In Eutaw, the route intersects two different routes at the Greene County Courthouse Square District: US 43 and SR 14. While SR 14 briefly runs concurrently with US 11, US 43 runs concurrently with it longer. After leaving Eutaw, both U.S. Highways stumble across I-20/I-59 in Knoxville. From there, both routes travel on a local road serving Ralph and Fosters. After crossing above the Black Warrior River, the road approaches Tuscaloosa. Along the way, they intersect Joe Mallisham Parkway. In downtown, they come across Stillman College. After that, US 43 branches north along SR 69 while US 11 travels south along I-359/SR 69.

Tuscaloosa to Downtown Birmingham

US 11 running concurrently with I-359/SR 69 as they approach I-20/I-59

As the three routes meet I-20/I-59, I-359 ends while the rest continues as a local road. Shortly after US 11 leaves the freeway, it then turns east along Skyland Boulevard. Along the way, the route meets SR 215, US 82, and I-20/I-59. As the route leaves Tuscaloosa, it intersects SR 215 in Cottondale for the second time. The route then meets the same interstate freeway for the fourth time that it parallels. It then passes through Coaling, Vance, and Woodstock. In Woodstock, it begins to run concurrently with SR 5. After that, both routes then travel along the I-20/I-59 freeway. East of Lake View, four of the routes on the freeway then meet SR 316. After that, the freeway then comes across I-459 near McCalla.

Shortly after I-459, US 11, as well as SR 5, leave the freeway and then onto 9th Avenue Southwest. They then go through several suburbs of Birmingham. As they approach downtown, SR 5 turned northwest onto US 78 while US 11 continues east along US 78. After that, the road becomes a short one-way pair and then comes across I-65. Then, US 78 branches east while US 11 continues northeast. Shortly thereafter, the route meets US 31/US 280.

Downtown Birmingham to the Georgia state line

At this point, US 11 runs through industries and railroads in Birmingham. It then comes across Messer Airport Highway, a local road that connects to Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport. After meeting I-20 for the last time, US 11 no longer parallels I-20. The route then meets I-59, SR 75, I-459, several more state routes, and US 231 in several locations. It then meets US 278/US 431 near Gadsden. After that, it continues to meet even more state routes, as well as I-59, along the rest of the route. It eventually crosses the Georgia state line.


Between the Mississippi state line and Birmingham, US 11 roughly follows a route surveyed by pathfinders in 1912.[2]


In 2024, ALDOT will began work to convert the US 11 (Skyland Boulevard)/SR 69 intersection into a single-point urban interchange (SPUI) in order to improve traffic flow. The project, which is a joint effort between the Tuscaloosa Road Improvement Commission and ALDOT, is expected to cost $89 million and take about three years to complete.[3]

Major intersections


US 11 south / US 80 west – Meridian
Continuation into Mississippi
US 80 east (SR 8 east) / SR 8 west / I-20 / I-59 – Demopolis
Eastern end of US 80 overlap

SR 17 (Broad Street) to I-20 / I-59 – Butler, Geiger
Livingston15.96425.692 CR 13 (Bennett Road)
SR 28 east (North Street) – Demopolis
Southern end of SR 28 overlap

SR 28 west to I-20 / I-59 / North Industrial Park Road – Emelle
Northern end of SR 28 overlap
SR 39 north – Gainesville
Southern terminus of SR 39

US 43 south (SR 13 south) / SR 14 (Boligee Street / Tuscaloosa Street)
Southern end of US 43/SR 13 overlap
Knoxville56.89791.567 I-20 / I-59 – Tuscaloosa, MeridianI-20/I-59 exit 52

CR 10 (SR 300 south / Gainesville Road / Holley Springs Lane) to I-20 / I-59
Northern terminus of SR 300

CR 16 (Joe Mallisham Parkway) to I-59 / US 82 west / US 43 north / SR 69 north

US 43 north (SR 13 north / Lurleen B. Wallace Boulevard North) / I-359 north / SR 69 north / 15th Street – Northport
Northern end of US 43 overlap; southern end of I-359/SR 69 overlap; northern terminus of I-359; Northpoint signed southbound only
78.9127.035th Street / Kauloosa AvenueInterchange
79.765128.369 I-20 / I-59 – Meridian, BirminghamInterchange; I-20/I-59 exit 71A-B
I-359 south / SR 69 / Oscar Baxter Drive – Moundville
Northern end of SR 69/I-359 overlap; southern terminus of I-359
80.431129.441 SR 215 (Old Montgomery Highway / Greensboro Avenue) – MontgomeryMontgomery signed eastbound only
US 82 (SR 6 / McFarland Boulevard East) to I-59 – Montgomery, Columbus
To I-59 signed eastbound only
86.070138.516 I-20 / I-59 – Birmingham, MeridianI-20/I-59 exit 76; cities signed westbound only
SR 215 south (University Boulevard East) – Tuscaloosa
Northern terminus of SR 215
89.464143.978 I-20 / I-59I-20/I-59 exit 79
SR 5 south – West Blocton
Southern end of SR 5 overlap

I-20 west / I-59 south / Shamblin Woods Road
Southern end of I-20/I-59 overlap; I-20/I-59 exit 97
111.234179.014Abernant, Bucksville (SR 216)Interchange; I-20/I-59 exit 100
JeffersonBessemerRock Mountain Lake (McAshan Drive)Interchange; I-20/I-59 exit 104
I-459 north – Gadsden, Atlanta
Interchange; I-20/I-59 exit 106; I-459 exits 0A-B westbound.

I-20 east / I-59 north – Birmingham
Northern end of I-20/I-59 overlap; I-20/I-59 exit 108
SR 150 east (14th Street) – Hoover
Western terminus of SR 150

US 78 west / SR 5 north (Princeton Parkway) / Princeton Parkway
Northern end of SR 5 overlap; southern end of US 78 overlap
134.540216.521Southwestern end of one-way segment
I-65 south / 10th Street North / 11th Street North – Montgomery
Access only from US 11 north to I-65 south and from I-65 north to US 11 north; I-65 exit 260B
135.027217.305Northeastern end of one-way segment
US 78 east (24th Street North) / 24th Street North
Northern end of US 78 overlap
I-20 west – Tuscaloosa
No direct access from US 11 to I-20 east and from I-20 west to US 11; I-20 exits 130A-B eastbound.
141.659227.978 I-59No direct access from US 11 north to I-59 south; from US 11 south to I-59 north; from I-59 north to US 11 south
SR 75 (Roebuck Parkway) to I-59 – Center Point
I-459 to I-59 / Edwards Lake Road – Montgomery, Gadsden, Birmingham
I-459 exit 32
St. ClairSpringville163.500263.128

SR 174 east (Marietta Road) / CR 9 west (Murphrees Valley Road) to I-59 – Odenville, Oneonta
Western terminus of SR 174

SR 23 north to I-59 – Ashville
Southern terminus of SR 23
US 231 (SR 53) to I-59 – Ashville, Oneonta
SR 77 (Gilbert Ferry Road) to I-59 – Lincoln, Rainbow City

US 278 west (Morgan Drive NW) / US 431 north
Southern end of US 278/US 431 overlap

US 278 east (Fifth Avenue NW) / US 431 south to I-59 / Fifth Avenue NW
Northern end of US 278/US 431 overlap
Reece City197.656318.096

SR 211 south (Noccalula Parkway) to I-59 / Bruton Gap Road – Gadsden
Northern terminus of SR 211
SR 68 east – Leesburg
Southern end of SR 68 overlap

SR 68 west to I-59 / West Main Street – Crossville
Northern end of SR 68 overlap
Fort Payne227.539366.189

SR 35 north (Glenn Boulevard SW) to I-59
Southern end of SR 35 overlap
SR 35 south (Fifth Street NE) / Fifth Street NW – DeSoto State Park, Little River Canyon, DeSoto Falls
Northern end of SR 35 overlap
231.500372.563 I-59 – Chattanooga, GadsdenI-59 exit 222
SR 117 south / Lyons Road – Valley Head, Summerville, Mentone, DeSoto State Park
Southern end of SR 117 overlap; destinations signed southbound only

SR 117 north to SR 40 / I-59
Northern end of SR 117 overlap

US 11 north / SR 58 north
Continuation into Georgia
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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