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Hello and welcome to the front page of the Washington State Highways Task Force (WASH)! If you would like to help, feel free to jump in and start editing articles on Washington state routes and related highways. Guidelines and resources to help you add content to articles are available at Structure and /resources, respectively.

Scope and goals

Numbered Washington State routes as designated by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). This includes all signed routes (such as Washington State Route 99), former routes (such as Primary State Highway 1 (Washington) or Washington State Route 111), and proposed routes (such as Washington State Route 704).

Basically, the purpose of this project is to clean up the Washington State Highway articles (Washington State Route articles) and make them conform to the same structure just like the other states.

What you can do

Assessment and Article alerts

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Recognized content

AARoads:Washington/Featured Content


Structure and standards

Articles should follow AA:MURA

Naming of articles

Per AA:NC, the naming convention for state highways in Washington is Washington State Route X.

Redirects from alternate names should be created using the completion list.

Road Type Article Location Example
WA specific 1/2 digit interstate located in multiple states Interstate X in Washington Interstate 5 in Washington
3 digit interstate with only occurrence in WA Interstate X Interstate 182
3 digit interstate with occurrences in other states Interstate X (Washington) Interstate 405 (Washington)
U.S. route only located in WA U.S. Route X U.S. Route 195
WA specific U.S. route located in multiple states U.S. Route X in Washington U.S. Route 101 in Washington
State highways Washington State Route X Washington State Route 3
State Highways spurs Washington State Route X Spur Washington State Route 20 Spur
Principle Arterial Street System roads At common name, i.e. Yesler Way (Seattle) or Pacific Avenue (Tacoma)


Use a sort key- for Washington State Route 3 the key would be: [[Category:State highways in Washington|003]]

Same sort key

Same sort key



Citation templates

Project banner


{{AARW user|USA|WA}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

This editor is interested in Washington roads and highways.


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