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PA-blank2di.svg Pennsylvania
A state resource page of the AARoads Wiki

Welcome to the Pennsylvania task force of the AARoads Wiki! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing.

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This task force aims primarily to encourage participation in creating or expanding articles about state highways, scenic highways, US or Interstate routes, historic tollroads, and other historic routes in Pennsylvania.


Articles on signed traffic routes are to be named "Pennsylvania Route N" (where N is the route number per AA:NC). Shields are available for all signed traffic routes in the format PA-X.svg, where X is the route number. All Pennsylvania road articles follow AA:MURA.

Major intersections/exit list

The {{PAint}} family of templates may be used to generate a AA:MURA-compliant junction list for at-grade highways. It may also be used to create the list for at-grade highways with limited-access portions without exit numbers. If the limited-access portion does have exit numbers, use {{jctint}} with the exit parameter.

Further instructions can be found at {{Jctint}}. The easiest way to generate MURA-compliant entries for the road parameter is to use {{jct}}; see that template for usage instructions. Types that the template recognizes include "PA" (state routes), "US" (U.S. Highways), and "I" (Interstate Highways).

How you can help

Suggestions on how you can help are listed below. Click the "watch" link in the upper right corner of the box to add the to do list to your watchlist, keeping you up-to-date on the latest items needing attention in WP:USRD/PA.


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On AARoads Wiki

Available on state websites

Legislative route definitions

Other websites


  • Philadelphia Inquirer (recent on Newsbank, Newspapers.com - after 1920s requires Publishers Extra, Philadelphia library, 1860-1923 also on Newspaperarchive)
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh library, recent on Newsbank, Newspapers.com - after 1920s requires Publishers Extra, Google News Archive [1])

Recognized content

AARoads:Pennsylvania/Recognized content



The infobox for this task force is {{Infobox road}}. Remember to set the state parameter to "PA", and the type parameter to I, US, PA, or QR for Interstates, U.S. routes, state routes, and quadrant routes respectively.

Project templates

User templates

{{AARW user|USA|PA}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

This editor is interested in Pennsylvania roads and highways.


All traffic routes are to be placed in [[Category:State highways in Pennsylvania|nnn]] where nnn is the three-digit route number. For quadrant routes, use [[Category:Quadrant Routes in Pennsylvania|nnnn X]] where nnnn is the four-digit route number and X is the county the route is in.

Routes should also have "X County, Pennsylvania" for every county that the route passes through. For Philadelphia County, the category is "Philadelphia". There are also city categories for Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Reading, Erie, Scranton, Bethlehem, Lancaster, and Harrisburg for routes that serve those cities. The format for these categories for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh is "Cityname", while the format for the other cities is "Cityname, Pennsylvania".