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Hello and welcome to the Ohio State Routes task force page! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing. If you would like to join the group, please sign up below.


The purpose of this task force is to standardize and improve articles about the state highway system in Ohio.

Recognized content

AARoads:Ohio/Recognized content


Articles on Ohio State Highways

List of state routes in Ohio


See AA:MURA for full information on article standards and structure.


  • Articles should be named "Ohio State Route n", where n = route number.
  • A redirect should be created, titled "State Route n (Ohio)", where n = route number.
  • Route shields are named "OH-n.svg" and should be complete for active routes. Existing shields can be seen here: Ohio State Route Shields


No heading for this section in the article. Place this text – [[Category:Ohio state highways|nnn]] – at the bottom of each article, where nnn is the route number (use leading zeros for routes 1-99).

Other Templates

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