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MN-blank.svg Minnesota
A state resource page of the AARoads Wiki

Hello and welcome to the Minnesota State Highways task force! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing. The task force's completion list still has redlinks that need to be created.


  1. Bring all of the Minnesota State Highway articles under the same format.
  2. Create an article for all Minnesota State Highways.

How you can help


See the Assessment Department for details on how to assess articles for this task force.

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Recognized content

AARoads:Minnesota/Recognized content


    • Staff (November 6, 2013). Statewide Trunk Logpoint Listing (PDF). Minnesota Department of Transportation.
      • <ref name=statelpt>{{cite book |author=Staff |url=http://www.dot.state.mn.us/roadway/data/reports/logpt/statelpt.pdf |title= Statewide Trunk Logpoint Listing |format=PDF |publisher=Minnesota Department of Transportation |date=November 6, 2013 |accessdate=}}</ref>
  • Interstate Open Dates (PDF) (Map). Cartography by Office of Transportation Data and Analysis. Minnesota Department of Transportation. April 2011. Archived from the original on April 7, 2012.
    • <ref name=IntOpenDate>{{cite map |publisher= Minnesota Department of Transportation |date=April 2011 |title= Interstate Open Dates |url= http://www.dot.state.mn.us/library/Interstate%20Open%20Dates%20MN.pdf |format= PDF |cartography= Office of Transportation Data and Analysis |inset= |archiveurl= http://www.webcitation.org/66kE7M8x8 |archivedate= April 7, 2012 |url-status= live|accessdate= }}</ref>
  • Minneapolis Star-Tribune (libraries have several years missing, Newspapers.com has it all - Publishers Extra after 1920s)
  • Newsbank has Duluth Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Rochester Post Bulletin

Structure and standards

See AA:MURA for details on an article's structure and formatting standards.

Naming conventions

Articles should be named "Minnesota State Highway X" per AA:NC. Additional articles may be named "U.S. Route X in Minnesota" or "Interstate X in Minnesota" if there is a Minnesota-specific article. County Roads should use either "County Road X (Y County, Minnesota)" or "County Road X (Minnesota)" depending on if the road is contained in one county or multiple counties. Other articles should use the common name of the roadway as a title.


All state highways should include the category tag: [[Category:Minnesota state highways|nnnA]] where nnn is 3-digit route number, and A is the letter designation if any (e.g. Route 1A is "001A", Route 2 is "002").



Minnesota has used four different types of shields:

According to official state maps, both the star and white square shields were in use between 1954 and 1956.

All state route shields have been created in the format MN-X.svg, where X is the route number. They reside in the category Minnesota State Route markers.

All of the state highway markers past and present have been created and reside on the Commons.

State Route shields on Wikicommons    


County shields, where they exist, reside on Commons here. If necessary, there are two blank shields for county roads. File:County blank.svg is the pentagonal style, and File:White County Plate Template.svg is the square style. See this page for a guide to which shield is used for which roads in which counties.


Browse Template

If a route is decommissioned, it still needs a browse box at the bottom of the article.

{{start srbox}}
{{mn browse|previous_type=MN|previous_route=XX|route=[[List of Minnesota state highways|MN]]|next_type=MN|next_route=XX}}
{{end box}}

will create something like

Browse numbered routes

Replace previous and next type with "US" or "Interstate" if and only if the previous or next route is not a Minnesota state highway. If the previous or next route is a U.S. Route, _type=US if it is an interstate, type=Interstate

This box should only be placed on pages that do not have an infobox, or are an article for a Interstate or U.S. Route in the Minnesota state highway system. On pages where a browse box already exists, you can omit the start and end templates, and just insert the mn browse, keeping the list in chronological order from south/west to north/east. For an example, see the browse box at U.S. Route 1 at the bottom of the article.

Project notice

Designates the current article as part of the Minnesota State Highways WikiProject. Place on the article's talk page.

Link template for Steve Riner's page

The template {{Riner}} will create an automatic citation for Steve Riner's Unofficial Minnesota Highways Page:

Usage: {{Riner|route=<route>|access date= <accessdate>}}

Example: {{Riner|route=610|access date=2024-07-13}} gives a reference to Highway 610 on the 288-694 page and dates it today.

User templates

{{AARW user|USA|MN}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

This editor is interested in Minnesota roads and highways.