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M-Blank.svg Michigan
A state resource page of the AARoads Wiki

Hello and welcome to the Michigan State Highways Task Force! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing.

Scope and goals

Numbered Michigan State Trunkline Highways as designated by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). This includes all signed highways within the State of Michigan, such as Interstate 96, US Highway 10, and M-1. This task force will also expand and introduce a uniform format to articles dealing with Michigan's county-designated highways and other notable county roads.

The goal is to organize, standardize, and expand the articles on Michigan state highways. The eventual goal is to get as many articles as high on the assessment scale as possible.

How you can help

You can help by editing any highway that you can provide more information about, with citations. All articles on the list of state highways to create now exist.

Many of the existing highway articles need to be modified to comply with the project standard (see below). Articles in Category:Routes needing mileposts are missing mileposts for the junctions. You can open this category and add mileposts for any highway listed. Once the mile column has been completed, the {{Mileposts}} tag can be removed.


To maintain consistency, the project will follow the assessment guidelines at AA:A.

Featured Articles in Michigan
Michigan counties by highest assessed article
Michigan counties by lowest assessed article

{{Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Michigan road transport articles by quality statistics}}


Recognized content

AARoads:Michigan/Recognized content


  • Footpath to Freeway: The Evolution of Michigan Road Maps from the MSU Library (archived)
  • "State Administrative Board Resolutions: 1940–Present"., including transfers beginning in 1990
  • MDOT LRS (includes PR Finder for mileposts)
  • State map
  • County maps
  • GIS data
  • County GIS data
  • List of unsigned state trunkline highways
  • Map database with citation templates.
  • 1926 renumbering
  • Popular Pages list with page view statistics updated on the first of the month
  • Detroit Free Press (state library, Newspapers.com - Publishers Extra after 1920s)
  • Grand Rapids Press, Kalamazoo Gazette, Ann Arbor News, Michigan Chronicle (all in state library)
  • Lansing State Journal (library, Newspapers.com - Publishers Extra after 1920s)


To maintain a consistent format, articles will be organized according to AA:MURA, with the following additional information specific to this project's articles.

Naming convention

Highway articles should be named "M-N (Michigan)" where N is the route number assigned by MDOT. Additional articles for the Michigan segments of Interstate and US Highways should be named "Interstate N in Michigan" (mainlines), "Interstate N (Michigan)" (auxiliaries), "U.S. Route N in Michigan".

Articles for Michigan County Designated highways use "X-YY (Michigan)"

  • X= Zone letter
  • Y= Designation

Other county roads should be of the format: "County Road ### (Z County, Michigan)" with the number and appropriate county name unless it bears a completely unique name like Brockway Mountain Drive

Highway markers

All active Michigan state highway markers are available on the Commons. We have also created period-appropriate markers, as the signs would have looked in 1919, 1926 and 1948 (state and US) and 1957 (Interstates). The {{jct}} template can be used to simplify creating the links to the graphics and articles in a consistent format.

Article sections to exclude

Since Michigan does not have toll roads, the Services and Tolls sections are not appropriate. A section on rest areas or service centers can be included as a subsection of the Route description.


This project uses {{infobox road}} and {{infobox road small}} as needed. The type codes used are the same for {{jct}} as listed below.

Major intersections or Exit list

This task forces uses the optional colored backgrounds incorporating the restrictions spelled out in the Manual of Style for road junction lists (AA:MURA). To create the tables, there is the specialized {{MIinttop}} to create the standard table headers for at-grade or freeway tables. There is also the {{MIint}} template to create each the entries in the table. To close the table, use {{jctbtm}}. The color keys are required if the table has background colors, per AA:MURA. The template will produce a table footer row with the required elements per AA:MURA. If a highway is composed of both at-grade and freeway segments, pick the section heading appropriate to the majority of the highway's length. All exits must be included in the table, plus any at-grade intersections with other state highways. Include junctions with the County-Designated Highways in the tables as they are included on the MDOT maps. Other county roads may be included in non-participating counties to balance the table.

Note: Since the MDOT Physical Reference Finder Application can be used to compute miles to three decimal places, all tables should not be rounded to two decimal places unless the distance information comes from another source. Use the level of precision that reflects the source data.


At a minimum, the following categories are used on articles. For each category, nnn is a three-digit number for the highway, with leading zeroes as needed. M-1 would have "001", for example. I-696 would use "696". Place these at the bottom of the article as needed, above any interwiki links or stub templates as appropriate.

Category Type of roadway Notes
[[Category:Interstate Highways in Michigan|nnn]] Interstate Highways Active highways only
[[Category: U.S. Highways in Michigan‎|nnn]] US Highways Active highways only
[[Category:Michigan state highways|nnn]] State Trunklines Active highways only, If the trunkline isn't an Interstate or US Highway
[[Category:Unsigned Michigan state highway|nnn]] Unsigned highways Only if the designation is active
[[Category: Former state highways in Michigan|nnn]] Former highways Any highway that's no longer a part of the highway system
[[Category:County-designated highways in Michigan|nnn]] County-Designated Highways
[[Category:Roads in Michigan|nnn]] Other county roads
[[Category:Transportation in <county> County, Michigan|Mnnn]] All highways {{DEFAULTSORT:Mnnn}} can be used to set all of the sortkeys at once for the county categories; Use USnnn and Innn for US and Interstate Highways, respectively.


Junction template

For Michigan highways, we use the {{jct|state=MI|type|number}} to create links to highway articles complete with the correct marker (shield) graphics. The following type codes are valid:

  • I for Interstates
  • I 1957 for Interstates using the original 1957 markers
  • US for US Highways, using the modern markers
  • US 1926 for 1926-vintage US Highway markers in cutout form
  • US 1948 for 1948-vintage US Highway markers in cutout form
  • US 1961 for 1961-vintage US Highway markers in cutout form, Do not use. MI did not use this style, but neighboring states did.
  • M for state highways, using the modern markers
  • M 1919 for 1919 version of the state highway marker in cutout form
  • M 1926 for 1926 version of the state highway marker in cutout form
  • M 1948 for 1948 version of the state highway marker in cutout form
    • For other states, use their two-letter postal abbreviation.
  • CDH for County-Designated Highways. (county# must be specified to show a county-specific rendering of the marker)
  • CR for County Roads (county# must be specified to show the correct marker and display a link if the article exists.)
  • FFH for Federal Forest Highways
  • BL/BS for Interstate Business Loops or Business Spurs (dab# must be specified for the link to work)
  • X-Alt/X-Bus/X-Byp/X-Conn/X-Emerg/X-Truck for alternate, business, bypass, connector, emergency or truck routes. Substitute "US", "US 1926", "US 1948", "M", "M 1926" or "M 1948" for the X before the hyphen. (dab# must be specified for the link to work)
  • Capitol Loop for the Capitol Loop (insert a blank route number parameter for this to work)
  • Tour for the Great Lakes Circle Tours, use LSCT, LMCT, LHCT or LECT as appropriate.

Browse template

If an article does not already have browser template, it will need one added. {{Infobox road}} will automatically create one using the type codes and numbers. There are several situations where one will need to be added.

  1. The parent article on an Interstate Highway or US Highway will not have a browser for all the states in the infobox. They are added at the end of the article in geographical order, west to east or south to north.
  2. Decommissioned highway designations may not have their own article. Instead they may redirect to a current designation that replaced the previous one.
  3. Several highways may be merged into a single list, like USRD's "Rockland County Scenario". They will use the more compact {{infobox road small}} template instead, which does not have an integrated browser.

To insert a browser, the code:

{{start srbox}}
{{mi browse|previous_type=M|previous_route=XX|route=[[Michigan State Trunkline Highway System|MI]]|next_type=M|next_route=XX}}
{{end box}}

will create something like

Browse numbered routes
M-49MI M-51

Replace previous and next type with whatever is the appropriate type code used by {{jct}}. If the article already has a browser at the bottom of the page, the {{mi browse}} template can be inserted with the others.. If a second browse needs to be added to an infobox, such as the example at M-26, add the {{mi browse}} to the browse= attribute of the infobox, substituting the appropriate highway name for the link to the Michigan State Trunkline Highway System article.

Project templates

See Template:WikiProject U.S. Roads/doc for all of the parameters that the template accepts.


{{AARoads:Michigan/Barnstar|1=}} can be placed on a user's talk page as a reward for assisting the project. The template has one parameter where the reason for award is given with a signature.

User templates

{{AARW user|USA|MI}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

This editor is interested in Michigan roads and highways.